Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Sabre rattling or a game of who has the biggest d*ck?

Looking at the various news broadcasts makes you think we are in a theatre much like the Apollo in London town watching a few comedians. Except these comedians are leaders of countries. Hearing interesting exclamations about mutual destruction, small nuclear warheads on rockets and possibly more. You might even think it sounds like a game of ping-pong. ‘I’ll fire a rocket at you just because I don’t like you’. ‘Oh yeah? I’ll flatten you with fire’. It could be laughable but it involves the most powerful nation on earth. We should be sure they have the capabilities to completely destroy a whole nation. But what is the reality? An impoverished smallish nation possibly backed with military hardware from China seems to have got it into its head it should take on the US. Much like Andorra having a go at Spain or France or even both! To me it just smells of another player pulling the strings. Publicly saying nice calming words and promising to be a middle man (peace broker) but inwardly laughing. Yes, it’s not about who will fire the first nuke, it’s about world supremacy. The US appears to be slowly losing its position, but China is now roaming the world looking for bases. Already in Africa, it won’t be long before they will be everywhere. So, wake up Britain, let’s all learn Mandarin and quick! Cheers.

Ed - I prefer to deal with the Chinese rather than Americans. Buying from AliBaba ensures you have a product that works. Cheers.

Education or standard chasing?

As I live in Wales (UK) I am rather interested in education. But I am worried the way the devolved government and its subsidiaries deal with it all. Being a governor also means I am a bit more in touch with the way inspections are carried out, the pressure being put on the whole system all in the name of increasing standards. Whilst I applaud the need for academic education, that is to say need for scientists of all kinds, I do not subscribe to the idea that everyone has to follow that path. First of all what you see in university studies is a numbers game. Pack ‘m in and fill it to the rafters. As a result we get an enormous number of students with ‘mickey mouse degrees’. A fact borne out by industry bosses. An accompanying problem is the degree person having expectations of earning capacity way beyond their knowledge and capability. All resulting in very unhappy bosses and indeed very unhappy students as they find their employability being virtually nil.
This country is bedevilled by politicians of all kinds asking for increasing standards forgetting that not all are willing or capable of fulfilling this. Being students and pupils coming from many different backgrounds the aspirations, capabilities are also incredibly varied. The educational system today does not cope with these differences at all well. Besides it is easy to plug science education but it should be remembered that there will still be a need for people with vocational abilities. Not everything can be sorted out by robots, not now and not in the foreseeable future. But that is a different problem and needs thorough investigation as how to approach the coming cyborg revolution. In particular the social aspect. What to do with 8 billion humans on the planet of which only a tiny fraction will be employed. Well, educationalists, get on with it and solve that one as well. If you can get your backsides off the chairs.