Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Who has the power.....?

One of the questions nagging at the back of my mind is – is there no end ever to the stupidity of governments? Stupidity being a big word but let’s call it a lack of sensibility then. Suddenly without much warning we are told all petrol and diesel cars are banned from 2040. It is an interesting thought which will without any doubt generate billions of words, written and spoken. One might wonder why this bombshell now? Ah, now we are talking politics. Does it make anyone wonder what is this supposed to take the steam off? Just guess, it is not too hard! In any case as usual, these ideas are badly thought out, badly presented without any idea as to how it could be implemented or even work! Think of all the lorries, can anyone see how these are to be converted besides the cost of it? How will the National Grid be able to cope? Every house with a car will need a charging pole outside. In places like where I live (The Rhondda in Wales) with no other parking than outside next to the narrow roads will provide an interesting talking point about who will pay for all of that.
Besides these little problems the biggest one is how will we generate this extra power? Already some estimates say we will need thousands more wind turbines with Wales obviously a prime target. I have mentioned in previous posts the need for all new houses (and old if we can) to have roofs fitted with the latest solar panel technology with as aim to have ALL houses done as soon as feasible. The basic truth is that policies, ideas such as now being promoted by the government are possible but only accompanied by sound thinking and being aware how it would have to be implemented. Moreover how all the side-issues would have to fit in seemlessly. A big plan, as they say in Wales ‘Siŵr i fod’! Let’s hope they will do it right for once as surely we need cleaner air but even more control and reverse the planet heating up!

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