Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Trust me they say - Oh? Why?

I always enjoy election campaigns and listening to all the interesting promises candidates, especially the party leaders, make. The first thing that is important to remember is they are promises, not actual intentions to incorporate into policy. The second thing is the finance details or rather lack of it, are widely inaccurate or simply based on approximations about present standards.
Meaning they have no idea of how these promises will possibly be worked out. I suspect we will hear that after the election these promises were well liked ideas and hopefully would be carried out but that at the present time and in the uncertainty of the political world, they are not affordable. In other words, no change.
Although Mr Corbyn is gaining ground, possibly because of his appearances in strong Labour areas only and filmed by pro-Labour BBC newscasters his ideas are basically and completely unaffordable. Even if he had the intention of actually carrying them out! I just cannot believe these people who continually mention – we need more money. The problem besieging the western world is this, we have built up a society that needs ever increasing amounts of cash to function in the way we have come to expect. Free this, free that without thinking as where the cash is to come from. Well, the cash comes from taxation in all its guises, VAT, Income, NI, plus a host of others. This tax amount can be roughly calculated. So, if we spend more than that income we need to borrow to cover the deficit. As the total debt of the UK now stands at about £1.7trillion you’ll see we have a problem. This debt must be serviced and cost the nation well over £50billion annually. Wasted money. Money owed as a share of the economy hit 84.5 per cent, yes you heard it here. It works out at about £2,600 for every person in the UK (that includes babies, sick persons, everybody!). Now if we think that is normal, vote Labour or any other shallow thinking party like the Greens. If you think we should do something about it, leave and emigrate to New Zealand or put your name down to be the first to colonize Mars. Because until the Conservatives get a proper grip this situation will continue.

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