Saturday, 3 June 2017

Cobblers and more cobblers

I am an avid watcher of political programs, especially now with a General Election looming.From time to time I can assure you these programs are worthwhile watching as they are comparable if not better than Live at the Apollo (a comedy program worthy of the name). You will see well dressed, well-fed people in tuxedos or evening dresses spouting all sorts of rubbish. Reality just being circumcised and mudslinging the norm. Now I don’t mind the mudslinging I can do a bit of that myself. But when I hear Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas of how to put things ‘right’, his inability to add up, I begin to wonder of how much of his ideas will actually be carried out if he was elected as PM? I am sorry but can the UK actually afford him? We already have a £1.7 trillion debt hanging around our necks and by all accounts this could reach £2.5 trillion by 2025. Don’t make a mistake, Theresa May also has to borrow at least till 2020 if elected as PM. This country needs to wake up fast, we need to take hold of our debt culture. Perhaps our elected wonders have taken the line of ‘After me the flood’. In other words, who cares about debt, it will be sorted but not just yet, and not during my time in office. Precisely the Labour ideas of economics! As they proved during their tenure some years ago. Who has forgotten Liam Byrne’s cryptic note – 'No money left in the kitty'. Sooner or later the bill will be presented – who will pay it? Well, take a guess it is not too hard to figure it out.

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