Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Biased? The BBC? Never...or....

Something strange happening in UK society – the BBC being accused of being biased. NOOOOH, please not another accusation! Not Auntie BBC? Yet it is funny but I have been getting hot under the collar for a while. It is the fact that the BBC seems to have become aggressive in its reporting. Ms Maitliss in particular. But there are others. When you look at the news we can see Mr Corbyn being portrayed as Saint Corbyn, smiling, waving the microphone. So, yes thanks BBC you’re doing a grand job.
There is however a nasty side to all this – I am an avid history addict and it is rather disconcerting to note that all these things have happened before. The propaganda, the appearances of a political leader at large rallies, selected public adulation, exposure by the media. When, you ask? In the early thirties, in Germany. Now, we know how all that ended. I am not bothered about proper politics, leaders have to have media exposure, and yes a strong opposition is paramount. But here we see a very weak opposition which is portrayed as the saviour of mankind! Gullible and wet behind the ears students lapping up the political promises without even thinking how all that could be done.
The Labour party machine has linked with the vague feeling we all have that ‘things’ are not right and are ruthlessly exploiting it.
The ruling party’s failures are highlighted to enormous extent by media sensation-seeking interviewers. So, what now? Well, I think the BBC needs a make-over and fast as the wrinkles are getting ever deeper. Bring Mr Corbyn to heel, after all he is the leader of an opposition party and not a second-coming. And tell Mr McDonnell to return to his rich upbringing and study economics properly. Moreover start showing our youthful, lustful students and all those from 12 to 21 that Marxism, socialist leftish thinking is not the answer to our ills.

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