Thursday, 4 May 2017

Look like a joke but it is not funny...(RL)

One of my favourite journos (journalists to you) is Rod Liddle. Usually writing hilarious accounts on the funny antics of our ‘betters’, who do not afterwards seem so much better at all! In fact, they may well turn out having a nasty, unpleasant side to their sickly-sweet smiles showing dazzling white teeth. Politicians are a favourite subject, now why would that be you think? Simply because they set themselves up as persons who are super intelligent, know-alls and squeaky clean moral human beings. Yes, you read that here. But then hold the printing press please, we read another story, In fact on this particular occasion all of us watching the telly heard and saw it for ourselves. The Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott’s incomprehensible, laughable, completely stupid replies to a simple question. In fact a question she as Shadow Home Secretary should know the answer to moreover should even give an account on how she would ‘improve’ the present situation. Did we get that, No? Oh dear. According to Rod, she is quite a character. Against private schools but sends her own child(ren) to them. Hypocritical? Surely not, or … This is the person who would be in charge of how this country would be led and governed. I say this because Mr Corbyn is quite happy to swan around doing nothing. It is not surprising to note that they are part of the unpleasant socialistic experiment called the Labour party. I have no idea how the once excellent Labour party, the one set up to champion the cause of the low-paid workers ended up like a Palladium Comedy show. The workers who lived in dirty, stinking hovels called houses. The workers who were sent down mines by rich aristocrats to make them even richer. What happened to that party. Well, Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and let’s not forget that eminently mathematical genius John McDonnell happened. Frankly, we let the educated graduates with Mickey Mouse degrees run the show. And now see where that has got to. It is just another example of having tinkered with our education system that has resulted in thousands of worthless university graduates who know zilch but are conversant with how to cook a sausage and have a degree in how to pour milk in a jug. Brilliant stuff, we will do well in the space age.

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