Friday, 5 May 2017

Local Election 2017 musings

Well, the local council (RhonddaCynonTaf – RCT) elections are over. In my neck of the woods although it is not how I wanted it, Labour still has one seat and unfortunately the Independent seat has gone to Plaid Cymru. The one thing that is observable is the elected councillors are brand-new! Eudine has now been put to grass and Independent Paul will have to try again. Perhaps the Community Council beckons as an experienced councillor (ret). They sure need people like Paul.
Congratulations to Alexandra in Tonyrefail West. Another young person. Good, at least she has some acumen. It is overall pretty much the same picture, Labour still holds sway over the 'Daddy voted Labour and so do I' mentality so prevalent in the South Wales valleys. On the whole in my opinion Labour has not performed as a large party should. This is quite noticeable in the UK sense. However, what is disconcerting is the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) collapse. Hopefully this will not be repeated in the national general election. It has to be said, the infighting and indecisiveness plus the inability to form a proper and sound policy base has doomed their local election attempts to gain power. It was never going to be this time. Let’s see what will happen in June.

Edited: Well, now we know! As I write this late June Mrs May is in some trouble!
UKIP completely gone from the political scene in Westminster, Labour more MPs, Conservatives still the largest party. Plaid one more MP than before (I have taken the unusual step of becoming a member! Why? Because with all the uncertainty over Brexit I think it might be time to sound the independence trumpet a bit more forcefully. Although Plaid will need some sound reasoning and make the sums fit! H.

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