Sunday, 7 May 2017

High heels, looking good?

I read a very interesting book by Scott Mariani. Writing high-octane action novels . But what interests me is some of the plots and chat accompanying. In this paperback story ‘The Babylon Idol’ (his latest) whilst settling down after a fearsome encounter in Olympia, Greece the main character Ben Hope comments on the shoes of his companion he just saved from a grisly death. His interesting dialogue centres on the history of female footwear. In fact he thinks it is a sign of female oppression. Quoting from the footbinding of the Chinese women to the 6 inch stilettos today. The lady with him says ‘So you think it is a male conspiracy?’ His answer to that ‘Do you know of any female footwear designers?’
It is a good point thinking about it. Why do women wear these type of shoes, shoes which are not incredibly healthy for the feet and legs. Most women would say, we do it to look pretty. Yes, but for whom? Well, not for donkeys I suppose. It has to be MEN! So, it IS a conspiracy. And I have to be fair, I like to look at female legs in high heels. Funny how likes and dislikes rule our daily lives. It is a point I have made in the past, why do women wear these revealing clothes? When I asked one, she said I just love this dress, I wear it to feel good. Not to obtain the interest of any passing man then? Interesting, perhaps now that men are becoming more feminine, thanks to all these hormones they put in cattle and chickens men should start wearing high heels as well. Come to think of it quite a few do already. Ah, it’s a funny world.

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