Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Debt? What debt...just keep on borrowing!

How interesting it is to see the Labour party’s attempt to win over voters. It is quite evident they have taken the way of big, very big promises. We are talking billions! Well, I suppose, talk a big lie often enough and people will believe you. Funnily though this time they have taken some effort to make the figures fit. But how in all good sense can you seriously think that to borrow so much money and spend, spend, spend, is a prudent way to govern? It is just cloud-cuckoo land. People just do not seem to grasp you cannot keep going on like that. In fact this is the big problem of the western world. We are all living on borrowed money. It is like the big party before the Titanic sinks.
Reality is reality, truth is still truth, it will not go away. The youngsters today are fed up with austerity. In reality there is no austerity but simply a desire to fit the expenditure to income. I had always been of the opinion that politicians are there to govern the nation for the benefit of all, not to put us in a straitjacket of ever increasing debt. To this effect Labour is smelling they are onto something. Yes, we are fattening the pockets of the moneylenders to the tune of £50 billion annually. But Labour instead of wanting to deal with that in a proper manner just want to borrow more.
Are there solutions? In the short term – no. The world economy is based on debt. Despite Labour’s talk of the poor getting poorer and the rich richer which is actually true the solutions proposed do not in fact come even close to solving the debt crisis. In fact it will make it much worse. Looking at the news I cannot see our youth coming up with good answers either. Again, they are only interested in quick-fix, short-term solutions. There might be some hope on the horizon and that is that the tottering EU might finally topple. It is by far the worst organisation ever to govern, a money pit without bottom. Ruled by an oligarchy of enormous proportions, a power-block based on, yes you guessed correctly, debt! So, who will win? It does not matter really, situations like these always have the same outcome. Just like 1929. So, watch out for 2029!

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