Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Debt? What debt...just keep on borrowing!

How interesting it is to see the Labour party’s attempt to win over voters. It is quite evident they have taken the way of big, very big promises. We are talking billions! Well, I suppose, talk a big lie often enough and people will believe you. Funnily though this time they have taken some effort to make the figures fit. But how in all good sense can you seriously think that to borrow so much money and spend, spend, spend, is a prudent way to govern? It is just cloud-cuckoo land. People just do not seem to grasp you cannot keep going on like that. In fact this is the big problem of the western world. We are all living on borrowed money. It is like the big party before the Titanic sinks.
Reality is reality, truth is still truth, it will not go away. The youngsters today are fed up with austerity. In reality there is no austerity but simply a desire to fit the expenditure to income. I had always been of the opinion that politicians are there to govern the nation for the benefit of all, not to put us in a straitjacket of ever increasing debt. To this effect Labour is smelling they are onto something. Yes, we are fattening the pockets of the moneylenders to the tune of £50 billion annually. But Labour instead of wanting to deal with that in a proper manner just want to borrow more.
Are there solutions? In the short term – no. The world economy is based on debt. Despite Labour’s talk of the poor getting poorer and the rich richer which is actually true the solutions proposed do not in fact come even close to solving the debt crisis. In fact it will make it much worse. Looking at the news I cannot see our youth coming up with good answers either. Again, they are only interested in quick-fix, short-term solutions. There might be some hope on the horizon and that is that the tottering EU might finally topple. It is by far the worst organisation ever to govern, a money pit without bottom. Ruled by an oligarchy of enormous proportions, a power-block based on, yes you guessed correctly, debt! So, who will win? It does not matter really, situations like these always have the same outcome. Just like 1929. So, watch out for 2029!

Saturday, 13 May 2017

NHS held to ransom...

The latest news is full of reports of a massive ransomware attack on the NHS computer systems (and many others as well). Now this is not a new phenomenon, actually this type of cyber attack has been with us a while. It seems the process itself is quite simple. Due to inadequate safety/security, old software, no backup systems or even plain carelessness it is too easy to scan a whole range of IP addresses, looking for open gates to walk through (gates=ports). The choice is over 64,000 ports, take your pick.
So, too easy to install a bit of software that encrypts the hard drives and stops access. Hey, I am doing that myself as well! I encrypt my own hard drives! To decrypt you will need a 256bit password. Now why do businesses and the NHS which is in charge of some highly sensitive data (medical records) not think more about how they set up systems? Ditch Windows altogether and use Linux? Have proper back-up systems, possibly using NAS (Network Attached Storage). Even a simpleton like myself uses a NAS! Cheap, a few terabytes attached to a router. Cost no more (at least for a single user) then £50 or so. Using backups then is very simple and takes no more than an hour of your time. Linux backup programs such as Deja-Dup are easy to administer and set-up. But OK I realise the NHS stuff is somewhat bigger but the principles are exactly the same!
Security is not being taken seriously enough and now we can see where that will end. In tears mostly. But more worrying is the fact that our medical records will be for sale at some time in the near future. I hope mine will be interesting to the Russians? Yes, I am taking some high blood-pressure remedy, what of it? Can you do it cheaper and better, let me know.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

High heels, looking good?

I read a very interesting book by Scott Mariani. Writing high-octane action novels . But what interests me is some of the plots and chat accompanying. In this paperback story ‘The Babylon Idol’ (his latest) whilst settling down after a fearsome encounter in Olympia, Greece the main character Ben Hope comments on the shoes of his companion he just saved from a grisly death. His interesting dialogue centres on the history of female footwear. In fact he thinks it is a sign of female oppression. Quoting from the footbinding of the Chinese women to the 6 inch stilettos today. The lady with him says ‘So you think it is a male conspiracy?’ His answer to that ‘Do you know of any female footwear designers?’
It is a good point thinking about it. Why do women wear these type of shoes, shoes which are not incredibly healthy for the feet and legs. Most women would say, we do it to look pretty. Yes, but for whom? Well, not for donkeys I suppose. It has to be MEN! So, it IS a conspiracy. And I have to be fair, I like to look at female legs in high heels. Funny how likes and dislikes rule our daily lives. It is a point I have made in the past, why do women wear these revealing clothes? When I asked one, she said I just love this dress, I wear it to feel good. Not to obtain the interest of any passing man then? Interesting, perhaps now that men are becoming more feminine, thanks to all these hormones they put in cattle and chickens men should start wearing high heels as well. Come to think of it quite a few do already. Ah, it’s a funny world.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Local Election 2017 musings

Well, the local council (RhonddaCynonTaf – RCT) elections are over. In my neck of the woods although it is not how I wanted it, Labour still has one seat and unfortunately the Independent seat has gone to Plaid Cymru. The one thing that is observable is the elected councillors are brand-new! Eudine has now been put to grass and Independent Paul will have to try again. Perhaps the Community Council beckons as an experienced councillor (ret). They sure need people like Paul.
Congratulations to Alexandra in Tonyrefail West. Another young person. Good, at least she has some acumen. It is overall pretty much the same picture, Labour still holds sway over the 'Daddy voted Labour and so do I' mentality so prevalent in the South Wales valleys. On the whole in my opinion Labour has not performed as a large party should. This is quite noticeable in the UK sense. However, what is disconcerting is the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) collapse. Hopefully this will not be repeated in the national general election. It has to be said, the infighting and indecisiveness plus the inability to form a proper and sound policy base has doomed their local election attempts to gain power. It was never going to be this time. Let’s see what will happen in June.

Edited: Well, now we know! As I write this late June Mrs May is in some trouble!
UKIP completely gone from the political scene in Westminster, Labour more MPs, Conservatives still the largest party. Plaid one more MP than before (I have taken the unusual step of becoming a member! Why? Because with all the uncertainty over Brexit I think it might be time to sound the independence trumpet a bit more forcefully. Although Plaid will need some sound reasoning and make the sums fit! H.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Look like a joke but it is not funny...(RL)

One of my favourite journos (journalists to you) is Rod Liddle. Usually writing hilarious accounts on the funny antics of our ‘betters’, who do not afterwards seem so much better at all! In fact, they may well turn out having a nasty, unpleasant side to their sickly-sweet smiles showing dazzling white teeth. Politicians are a favourite subject, now why would that be you think? Simply because they set themselves up as persons who are super intelligent, know-alls and squeaky clean moral human beings. Yes, you read that here. But then hold the printing press please, we read another story, In fact on this particular occasion all of us watching the telly heard and saw it for ourselves. The Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott’s incomprehensible, laughable, completely stupid replies to a simple question. In fact a question she as Shadow Home Secretary should know the answer to moreover should even give an account on how she would ‘improve’ the present situation. Did we get that, No? Oh dear. According to Rod, she is quite a character. Against private schools but sends her own child(ren) to them. Hypocritical? Surely not, or … This is the person who would be in charge of how this country would be led and governed. I say this because Mr Corbyn is quite happy to swan around doing nothing. It is not surprising to note that they are part of the unpleasant socialistic experiment called the Labour party. I have no idea how the once excellent Labour party, the one set up to champion the cause of the low-paid workers ended up like a Palladium Comedy show. The workers who lived in dirty, stinking hovels called houses. The workers who were sent down mines by rich aristocrats to make them even richer. What happened to that party. Well, Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and let’s not forget that eminently mathematical genius John McDonnell happened. Frankly, we let the educated graduates with Mickey Mouse degrees run the show. And now see where that has got to. It is just another example of having tinkered with our education system that has resulted in thousands of worthless university graduates who know zilch but are conversant with how to cook a sausage and have a degree in how to pour milk in a jug. Brilliant stuff, we will do well in the space age.