Friday, 7 April 2017

On the Labour record...

Despite the lamentable record of the RCT Labour party as has been reported many times it just seems that people just do not care. How much more money will be wasted? Even the national Labour party in Wales simply has lost touch with its base. The Communities First project, it had many weaknesses but at least it changed quite a number of lives for the better, is to be cut completely by early 2018. A very deprived area like Gilfach Goch (of the How Green was my Valley fame) will be one of the biggest losers. And what will the local council (RCT) do? Make a lot of people, poor people by any accounts, lose their job and also lose the facilities to teach people about employment, lose a sports facility and lose a few small businesses as well. Certainly not a political record to cherish I’d say? When the local male Labour prospective candidate (there are two candidates) came round to make me a Labour voter – citing how he was his own man and not tied to Labour party rules blah-di-blah blah I should have asked him about the deplorable financial situation in RCT, and why Labour had lost the will to fight for the common man. But there is no point, these people are only interested in what they can get out of it, there is little if any real interest in the well-being of the local citizens. I say that because you only have to look at the surroundings, the local fabric, the lack of proper good services. The local population should look at the level of RCT officers salaries, the salaries and expenses of the Labour Cabinet (!) to see where the money goes. Labour in this area has been in power for some half a century bar a minor hiccup when nationalists won but made an even bigger mess, so one would have thought things to improve considerably. Well, I think I’d better leave it at that for now. All eligible voters should take a hard look at the record and above all to burn these despicable boards sprouting on the fronts of houses making sure we know that there is an election. But it impedes my enjoyment of looking at the world with dreamy eyes hoping that for once people be courageous enough to change! So, despite your views, vote, it is important. Get up and leave the house for once!

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