Sunday, 2 April 2017

Don't despair, there is a porkpie for all....

Coming from a continental background and having experienced the different mental attitudes prevalent, I sometimes despair at the shallowness of British society. Especially the Welsh attitude to life. It seems rooted in the dirt and disease ridden Victorian era which allowed an extreme difference between rich and poor. I was watching a programme about gardens (Monty Don) where he visited many European and North African gardens. But it also allowed some glimpses of normal society. The train stations, the neatness, the modernity of it all. Compared to the grime stations in the UK, the aged rolling stock, the high prices, we are still far removed from being a modern, 21st century nation. Something within me thinks, why don’t we break everything down and start again?
Looking around my own locality here in the lower reaches of the Rhondda Valleys, the hills once green now festooned with ugly and useless power generators turning when not broken down in the daily wind, its terraced crumbling houses on streets carpeted by dogs*it and cast-off chewing gum remains. By endless double yellow lines forbidding parking and completely ignored. The valley towns with a plethora of fish and chip shops, insurance brokers and hairdressers, you might begin to think - What the he**! It might be there are two different strains of humans and we have not yet figured that out . Well, I think I might have been wrong to vote for Brexit, it might turn this nation inward rather than install a type of Renaissance. Yes, we voted Brexit, out and the reasons were easy to follow. Immigration and not just immigration but the failure to integrate. This can be fairly and squarely be laid down at the foot of the politicians. And it is just there that the root of the poor standards, the whole outward look of this nation can be found. The abominable leadership, the graft, the incompetence, where are the leaders who will lead this nation? Who will instigate the badly needed renewal? Don’t look here in Wales, we are still in the latter stages of the Victorian era, the leaders here only look out for themselves. Even the Labour party having been in power since the Emperor Hadrian built his wall to keep the Scots out has abysmally failed to keep to their promises of standing up for we know not what. So, let’s hope that in one way Brexit might invigorate this nation, to make people sit up and take more care for themselves instead of sitting down bemoaning their fate, guzzling ale and eat fat laden porkpies watching the BBC ‘impartial’ news items. Let’s to it friends, do something if only clear your rubbish from outside the houses. Cheers and here’s to a brighter future. Now, where is that porkpie I bought yesterday.

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