Thursday, 27 April 2017

A personal view on a bad situation....

I have often asked myself this question – if all payments were stopped for being a local councillor, how many would come forward to stand? Please, don’t answer that, I already know the answer. It is a terrible shame that we have become a money orientated society. With those who have the power enriching themselves beyond avarice! Just thinking of bankers makes me retch uncontrollably. I read in a Dutch newspaper column that cities like Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam are now vying to prise away those London based investment bankers. Remember these are the guys and guyettes who bet billions on commodity and share prices, so-called futures. I say they are welcome to them and their million pound bonuses. Let’s get back to a bit more sensible outlook and standards. Then let’s talk about local councillors. I live in Wales, basically the poorer part of the UK. Councillors ‘earn’ some £15,000 including expenses but Committee officials can claim and almost all do, another £8,000 for Special Responsibilities. Well, that is a well paid, very incredibly well paid weekly meeting in the Council chambers. This weekly meeting probably highly necessary to discuss how to ‘fleece’ more money out of the mugs called ‘general population’. These are the ‘wise’  who set salaries for council employees, only the higher employees, of up to £170,000 per annum. Under the standard outcry of ' we have to pay to get the best'. If this is the 'best' I wonder what the 'worst' would be. This in the second poorest backward council in Wales! It just seems there is no ending to this greed. Those in power are just like leeches sucking the population dry. It is really high time this stops.

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