Tuesday, 7 March 2017

What's important? I just wonder...

A really good question to ask is – What is REALLY important in this life? In our society today? Is it to bring African nations up to standard? Water, better infrastructure? Is it to manage money more equitably? More even-handed? Perhaps curtail the banks and greedy businesses and insist on proper management? Take better care of employees? There are many more questions but they all point to - bad management of resources. The greedy still play havoc with the needs of the poor. As a result the poorer parts of our society pay a far greater deal than the rich, proportionally. The politicians are too afraid to have a good look at the unbridled greed expansion in fear of a drop in tax. Frankly, it has proved counter-productive looking at the multitude of schemes to avoid tax. Obviously we need businesses but we need businesses with a social aptitude. Businesses who care about the environment. Because let’s be fair, it has been known for years that cars, yes petrol and diesel, are damaging to the health of human beings but only now is there a dialogue starting. Why? Because cars, the tax on them, buying, selling and fuel have been dis-proportionally important to the UK Revenue. No recent government has dared to do the right thing in fear of losing the revenue. As a result and also because of the relative cheap North Sea oil there has been an explosive expansion of car ownership and a corresponding deterioration in the environment and health. Many relatively recent policies have been detrimental – the green tax on power bills has seen a tremendous expansion of ugly windmills. Even though they are only reliable to produce power at about 20% of the time. The cost of their production, maintenance and ground rents means their costs will take some 30 t0 40 years to break even! Yes, they do produce power but would it not have been better to look at less invasive methods? Solar power for one – has there not been any development to make all new house roofs energy productive? There are mats with solar cells, even whole roofs can be made from them. Simple ideas and possibly not much more expensive than the windmills, these will be a blot on the landscape for a very long time. Yes, it is all about proper and sound management. Management of resources, methods of distribution, perhaps even expand again the rail network. Reduce car ownership (oh dear, now we are becoming personal!) because electric cars are not going to be the answer. Electricity has to be produced but in the quantity needed if everyone drove an electric vehicle would still need quite a number of power-stations. Just so, remember this, there is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH! But it sure could be made a bit tastier!

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