Tuesday, 21 March 2017

What about Bob? Sorry, zero hour contracts?

Social care, in particular care for the elderly is a subject high on the agenda. But it seems not so in the hallowed halls of local government. In particular my local area, RhonddaCynonTaf the two-bit South Wales valleys area that put their servants dealing with social care on zero-hour contracts! You might think, good, work when there is work and have a rest at the other times. But it is not so simple as the social impact can be severe. Banks and Building societies do for the most part not grant mortgages to persons on zero-hour contracts. So, people on zero-hour contracts tend to be in rented accommodation and on benefits as well. In the town I live more and more are on benefits as they just cannot get on the housing ladder, are in rented accommodation and on housing benefit. Perhaps the government has not worked out yet that allowing zero-hour contracts put a strain on the benefits budget? I suppose there is more to it – the future of work seems to be a bleak one. More and more electronics, robots all will play a larger role in the future. It will be interesting to speculate on the impact it will have on the workplace. The question is will this mean a dumbing-down of human intellect or will it mean an increase in deductive capacity? Thinking of the population explosion, apparently we might have 8 billion humans on this mudball by the middle of the century, I think there will be not enough to go around. Water, food, education, work opportunity all will be in very short supply. I have to say sorry to my grandchildren for having left them with almost insurmountable problems. Just hoping that before too long sane ideas will begin to percolate through the brains of our elected wonders rather than the day to day rubbish we have to suffer at present.

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