Friday, 24 March 2017

Universal thinking...

Having a liking for science programs like The Universe and in particular those from the PBS station on Freeview (PBS America that is) I watched a programme called ‘Hunting the Edge of Space’. It showed some incredible shots of galaxies too numerous to count. But the question posed was – does the universe slow down eventually? Answer - apparently not, it is speeding up. It set me thinking about the usual analogies, explosions and how they expand. If we can assume for now it is universal, an exact sphere like a round ball, it seems a bit strange to assume that the original explosion can actually increase in force after the original conflagration. So how did they come to that conclusion? Apparently through measurement of very distant supernovae within far away galaxies. I thought, how then has this an impact upon our situation? Would it not depend where within the ball of space the original Big Bang was created, and we are situated? If the universe is still expanding as they say, we are going with it. Pending also where we are located within that sphere would it not mean that in one direction, the direction in which we are travelling the universe does not seem to expand and to the other way we travel seemingly twice as fast? We are receding from the opposite edge whilst the edge is expanding outward. Even more, it seems odd to think we are exactly in the centre of the Big Bang and therefore everywhere we look the universe would expand pretty uniformly. Food for some interesting thoughts! Perhaps it is dark matter holding us back but allowing the original BB to keep going. That then would seem the expansion to go faster, We are slowing but not the universe? Wow, get me a sleeping pill!

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