Monday, 13 March 2017

Tonyrefail going to jail!

Always I have my ears (and eyes) open to happenings around, especially the rumours that abound. One of these rumours is about a jail. The rumours say that the Welsh Government had written to all Welsh local authorities to find out possible locations etc. The only Authority replied was Rhondda Cynon Taf. Interesting? Of course it is because now my brain begins to tick over. I am sure that the Home Office and as a representative, the Welsh government would want easy access to the motorway system. Here comes the M4! Not too far from the conurbation (Cardiff/Newport/Swansea). So that means Central Eastern South Wales. Next would be land ready for building. Guess what? Tonyrefail has a few sites already in that category. The best being the Coedely Mine (cleared) site. Why? It is not particularly near to housing. So, could it be Tonyrefail being the prime candidate? It could well be. I am sure the tight-lipped Council is playing a carefully laid -out plan and would in all likelihood deny everything. The usual way in politics. But I think the local Labour councillor might know much more but as per the usual Labour-speak is ‘Standing up for….’ Let’s hope it does not become ‘Standing up….! I won’t hold my breath as Labour cannot be trusted, not even with the family silver.


  1. Actually not so much a rumour anymore. It has been reported in the Rhondda Leader and walesonline, it is most likely related to the main govt plans to build 9 new jails in England and Wales. Bala and Wrexham are already in progress.
    This is the walesonline news coverage:
    Land has been proposed as a possible site for a new prison.
    Rhondda Cynon Taf council submitted plans to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) last year about suitable land for building a new prison in the area.
    It was one of 20 local authorities across England and Wales to respond to a MoJ request asking for suitable sites to be proposed and was the only Welsh council to do so.

    Well, the ONLY council to do so. Try to figure out the rationale for that!

  2. Well, again loads of information but it seems Port Talbot is the preferred place. Might it be that the steel ovens are important? I would not like to hear the excess jail population disappeares without an explanation. Watch the smoke....