Friday, 3 March 2017

The Bubble will eventually burst

Finally, Theresa May is going to tell Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland what is important and what is not. About time too. My personal opinion is that Ms Sturgeon is in olden terms, no more than a traitor. To try to divide and rule. It is the old way of seeking personal power. The next thing we might hear is a SNP demand for her to be made the Queen of Scotland. Yes, we are in interesting times. But surely it is high time to tell Ms Sturgeon to shut it. Looking back on this devolution experiment, I'd say it is an abject failure. Yes, in Wales also. There is a never ending demand for more and more powers. Despite the fact both devolved governments haven't a clue what to do with the powers they have already received. Both their NHS organisations are in a heck of a mess. In fact, the whole NHS is in a mess. One might wonder where they get all these top administrators from. An out-and-downer living in a cardboard box under a bridge could do better. From my point of view this country has sunk into a morass of failure thanks to complete mis-management and a shameful chase after more and more money. Money or finance that seemed to have come from a never ending treasure chest. Except the treasure chest now owes £1.5 trillion. Some management eh? And now who pays? The top 5% of this country has systematically fleeced the 95% and enriched themselves. Even worse, the 95% now will have to foot the interest bill of some £50billion annually. Did I say we live in interesting times? Yes, but the question remains - when will the bubble burst?

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