Friday, 31 March 2017

Am I an idiot? Might be...

I think I have mentioned something about borrowing before. Borrowing by local authorities in particular. One of the poorest local authorities in Wales, RhonddaCynonTaf (RCT) is in debt to the tune of some £250million! There are indications the real figure is actually £500million plus! At any rate this is a scandal! This Labour run council is not fit to be in power and it is more than time to send these incompetent charlatans to the bin. I understand that debt is a huge problem all over the UK, personal debt as well as government debt. How can probably sane people think that this is a good way to provide services? For a start this idea of get it now and pay later involves something called interest. Even on £250million that would be something of the order of £10million plus annually. Money wasted. Just compare that with the income of personal council tax in an area where too many are on benefits (not all their own fault) and a goodly chunk has gone down the Swanee river. 
But it is eminently understandable when looking at how these Labour run councils operate. They are run by what can only be called a close-knit semi-professional club. Close-knit because nepotism is frequently observable, semi-professional because there is a preponderance of failed professionals who have not made it in the real world. Just like a type of Mafia. There are no longer the butcher, the baker or the candle-stick maker seen in the hallowed halls of power. As a result politics has just become a game played by opposing sides but without a ball. If one says ‘Yes’, the other says automatically ‘No’. The only thing they all agree on is the level of salaries, stipend whatever they call it. It seems to be true that when a political party is in power for longer than 10 years the quality halves. Meaning that in RCT there is no quality at all. It is just lost in a quagmire of debt and incompetence. Well, a good question – what next? People tend to be afraid of change, they’d say better the idiot you know than the idiot you don’t know. The problem I have is to ask – Who is the real idiot’? Me paying for it all or them using it on a nice lifestyle? Don’t answer please!

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