Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bother about Lords and borrowing

Like most people things bother us. In particular things like the House of Lords and the financial problems of this our once great country.
Let’s take the House of Lords – bloated, undemocratic and basically no more than a restroom for aged luvvies. That came from a number of newspaper reports today. It is funny but I have long believed that the House of Lords is outdated. It just has continued a system of patronage. Aristocrats used to sit in strength, most of which were no more than idiots who wanted to preserve their lives of luxury but today we do exactly the same at some £300 per day for old political has-beens, dodderers who don’t even know what the House is talking about. Pretending to listen with closed eyes, happily dreaming about when they went to war. Time to close the charade and have an elected Senate.

The other thing that should bother all of us are the daily news items about this country’s borrowing. It is hidden in double-speak of ‘reducing the deficit’ but in reality the debt hanging over us is steadily climbing. It stands at about £1.5 trillion pounds! Talk about the deficit is just political talk in the hope we think our debt is just a few billion. No sir, it is gynormous! In fact if you divide £1.5 trillion by 66million (the number of citizens of the UK) you will find that each and everyone of us owes the moneylenders some £22,730.00! Yes, that I call responsible government. Most of this we were saddled with under the previous Labour government. To service such a debt will take some or close to, £50billion of our taxes annually! Money wasted. In the past North Sea oil revenues paid off some of the debt but most of that the then Labour government simply wasted on bloating the ‘welfare state’. It is sad though that too many organisations and quangos just keep on in the same old way, holding out their hand for more and more money. Just carry on my friends until we owe enough to have to pay interest equal to our GDP in which case we can all go home and cry and welcome back the 1930’s!

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