Saturday, 18 February 2017

Anti this-and-that

A very good friend asked me , I know you are a bit anti-this and that, anti-Labour but why? Good question, I had to think a bit. The problem is that as a socialist party standing up (their words, not mine) for the people has been an abject failure. I am not now saying Conservatives are better but at least they promote business ideals that in the end provide work. Rather than put their faith in issuing benefits. When I was a kid in Amsterdam my father was a stalwart of the socialist party. Collecting membership fees and on top a committee member of the union where he was employed. But when he had an accident and needed operations both union and party had disappeared in the foggy night. So, who were they standing up? I leave it for you to decide. Perhaps my antagonistic views of socialism were bred in those days. Sure, there are good Labour people around with good and sound views, local MP and AM are upstanding citizens but in my view they represent a faulty view of humanity and moreso bad ideas of how to right the wrongs. I am no admirer of the good Jeremy Corbyn but some of his ideals are based on a world view that encompasses equality, peace and justice. These are ideals that I as a practising Christian follow or rather try to follow, as well. However, the difference between his ideals and mine are about how to achieve them. In the meantime we shall have to see how the local elections will play out. The political spectrum is changing but will it be far enough this time? We'll see.

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