Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Woof, Woof or is it Calm down, woman?

It is rather sad to see the elected wonders moving every which way. Those opposed to Brexit say almost anything, grasp onto almost anything to thwart the process. It seems to me that they all forget one thing, the nation voted to LEAVE the EU. Watching Daily Politics on BBC2 we had a Scottish MP, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh pontificating about the old bit of Scotland must stay in the EU single market. Forgetting of course Scotland is part of the UK and therefore bound by the ultimate decisions made in Westminster by the central government. A point she obviously is not aware of. What intrigued me was her forceful attack on something that had occurred in the Chamber. Apparently when speaking in the way she does, another MP (Churchill related Mr Soames) made some woof woof sounds. When I stopped laughing after he had made a statement that sounded like an apology she was asked by Jo Coburn about a similar thing actually done by her previous clan chief Alex Salmon to tell Anna Soubrey ‘Calm down, woman’, she seemed to lose her memory. Bearing in mind that once she was a member of the Conservatives and Labour! Yep, that’s politics. At least that is the politics of Britain. Shallow, and mostly forgettable.
The other matter under great discussion is Donald Trump, remembering he IS the US president now, signing an executive order barring a few Islamic country residents from freely entering the US. Question, what has that got to do with the UK? Why are the luvvies, celebs, A listers to Z listers, SNP wallahs and a host of other instantly forgettable dim-wits so uptight? Suppose it’s just about ‘ Hey, look at me, am I not important’? No, dim-wits you are not. Get back to your caves and when you wake up please keep wondering who switched the sun on. Let the Donald do what he said he would do even before he was elected. They elected him anyway, so hard luck. Perhaps some good will come out of it. Like the demise of the career politician. Like a return to proper representation of the electorate, democratic and accountable! Cheers!

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