Monday, 30 January 2017

Owen Smith - Early case of dementia?

We should be very disappointed at the recollection powers of Pontypridd MP Owen Smith. He showed an admirable deficiency in remembering how his part of the Welsh nation voted in the Brexit campaign.

On Andrew Neil’s Daily Politics (BBC2) he quite easily pronounced that his area voted to Remain. Rubbish. You only have to go to ‘walesonline’ and look for the election results. These show without any doubt that the RCT area (incl Pontypridd) voted LEAVE. 62,590 to 53,973.
Now he would probably argue that all who did NOT vote would be Remainers. Tosh. As a politician he should have known better. Just as well then he did not win the stand-off with Jeremy Corbyn. We don’t need prospective PM’s who cannot remember how the nation voted.
My question to him would be – if you are a MP of our area (possibly debatable now) and that area voted overwhelmingly No, would you when further voting is required such as Article 50, vote against? In my view you are NOT representing your constituency! By the way your mate from the Rhondda, the glorious Christoforo Bryant is in the same predicament. Gents, time to figure out what you were elected for!
It shows up the collapsing Labour party, infighting, and a general attitude of ‘Who cares...’ It’s like a lot of us have said before – Get rid of the sharp-suited career politicians and get in some hard-working down-to-earth people. Do us a favour Owen and Chris, just go back to your old very uninteresting lives and stop pretending you care for us.

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