Monday, 30 January 2017

Hello everyone, iedereen, pob-un!

Hello readers – this is a new blog which is the result of the demise of The blog is not a board (bulletin board) like was. will be entirely devoted to local politics, some of which will be reports, some will be my own views.
There will be the opportunity to comment and to comment on comments! There also will be moderation, anonymous comments will not be accepted.
The blog although using a dedicated domain name is based on Blogger. It is a simple but an effective way to quickly organise a blog. At the moment it is not encrypted (SSL) so the url to access is in the http format, not https. I will be installing a certificate in due course which will change the url to https only. Just have fun and comment. Remember that Big Brother is always watching! So use proper language, refrain from racist remarks and since the use of swear-words denote a repressed upbringing please refrain from using them.

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