Monday, 30 January 2017

Know your times tables!

All children in England will need to know their 12 times tables by the time they leave primary school under plans announced by the education secretary. The Conservatives want England to be in the top five in the world for English and maths by 2020. It is currently 23rd the various newspapers report. Well it depends how you look at that, 23 out of 27 in Europe does not sound so brilliant to me. They will tell us it is 23rd in the world. Which world? The English speaking world? That makes it even worse.
This is what presumably bright politicians can come up with! In other countries this has been done since time began. This island, this Britain has simply dumbed down to what can only be called third world standards and what's more we seem to be proud of it. We worked hard, very hard to make our children all the same and no bright politician ever understood by doing that you revert to the lowest common denominator. Now the education system in England has yet another scheme to contend with. When will politicians leave education alone? It must be quite clear by now, they haven't the foggiest. I am not even mentioning Wales. By the way I have never really quite understood why education is devolved. Why Wales and Scotland also, have a different set-up altogether. Compounding the problems in Wales in particular. It is crazy for a politician to state, we are proud to announce that we want our children to know their times tables by 2020! Ye gods, what sort of country do we live in? Zombieland? Couchpotatoland? Make your choice, I think I know where we will end up.

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