Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Education run by Trotskyists?

There are going to be lots of elections in Europe during 2017. The one that interests me though at this time is the Council elections in Wales. In particular RhonddaCynonTaf (RCT). For the uninitiated it has been run by Labour since the dinosaurs died out. Except some of the dinosaurs survived and are now councillors! One, a sprightly septuagenarian recently delivered a leaflet so full of b*ll that even myself had to down a few snifters to concentrate the brainwaves. The lady in question would led you believe that all the good works planned were all of her doing. Now this is not strange almost all Labour politicians do this. But what worried me most was her assertions about education. Despite a multitude of problems in particular dismantling sixth forms in RCT and creating Year 3-18 super schools, her vision is pretty circumspect. There are many who think her arrogant, her actions in the local education field should be looked upon with a frown. She never talks or refers to the low standing of education in RCT or even in her own backyard of Wales. I am of continental origin and I can tell you that education there is on a different level! It is not all the fault of Labour, parents also have to share part of the blame. In too many schools there is a lack of parental involvement. But then who guides our society? Yep, it’s Labour in Wales. The party of equality. That is - everyone the same, everyone earning the minimum wage and everyone cowed under the socialist cosh. Trotsky would be proud to call them friends! So, let’s ensure a Council not run for once by Trotskyists but by normal, down-to-earth people who know their locality. Get rid of career politicians like her, they are far past their sell-by date!

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