Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Woof, Woof or is it Calm down, woman?

It is rather sad to see the elected wonders moving every which way. Those opposed to Brexit say almost anything, grasp onto almost anything to thwart the process. It seems to me that they all forget one thing, the nation voted to LEAVE the EU. Watching Daily Politics on BBC2 we had a Scottish MP, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh pontificating about the old bit of Scotland must stay in the EU single market. Forgetting of course Scotland is part of the UK and therefore bound by the ultimate decisions made in Westminster by the central government. A point she obviously is not aware of. What intrigued me was her forceful attack on something that had occurred in the Chamber. Apparently when speaking in the way she does, another MP (Churchill related Mr Soames) made some woof woof sounds. When I stopped laughing after he had made a statement that sounded like an apology she was asked by Jo Coburn about a similar thing actually done by her previous clan chief Alex Salmon to tell Anna Soubrey ‘Calm down, woman’, she seemed to lose her memory. Bearing in mind that once she was a member of the Conservatives and Labour! Yep, that’s politics. At least that is the politics of Britain. Shallow, and mostly forgettable.
The other matter under great discussion is Donald Trump, remembering he IS the US president now, signing an executive order barring a few Islamic country residents from freely entering the US. Question, what has that got to do with the UK? Why are the luvvies, celebs, A listers to Z listers, SNP wallahs and a host of other instantly forgettable dim-wits so uptight? Suppose it’s just about ‘ Hey, look at me, am I not important’? No, dim-wits you are not. Get back to your caves and when you wake up please keep wondering who switched the sun on. Let the Donald do what he said he would do even before he was elected. They elected him anyway, so hard luck. Perhaps some good will come out of it. Like the demise of the career politician. Like a return to proper representation of the electorate, democratic and accountable! Cheers!

Education run by Trotskyists?

There are going to be lots of elections in Europe during 2017. The one that interests me though at this time is the Council elections in Wales. In particular RhonddaCynonTaf (RCT). For the uninitiated it has been run by Labour since the dinosaurs died out. Except some of the dinosaurs survived and are now councillors! One, a sprightly septuagenarian recently delivered a leaflet so full of b*ll that even myself had to down a few snifters to concentrate the brainwaves. The lady in question would led you believe that all the good works planned were all of her doing. Now this is not strange almost all Labour politicians do this. But what worried me most was her assertions about education. Despite a multitude of problems in particular dismantling sixth forms in RCT and creating Year 3-18 super schools, her vision is pretty circumspect. There are many who think her arrogant, her actions in the local education field should be looked upon with a frown. She never talks or refers to the low standing of education in RCT or even in her own backyard of Wales. I am of continental origin and I can tell you that education there is on a different level! It is not all the fault of Labour, parents also have to share part of the blame. In too many schools there is a lack of parental involvement. But then who guides our society? Yep, it’s Labour in Wales. The party of equality. That is - everyone the same, everyone earning the minimum wage and everyone cowed under the socialist cosh. Trotsky would be proud to call them friends! So, let’s ensure a Council not run for once by Trotskyists but by normal, down-to-earth people who know their locality. Get rid of career politicians like her, they are far past their sell-by date!

Monday, 30 January 2017

Owen Smith - Early case of dementia?

We should be very disappointed at the recollection powers of Pontypridd MP Owen Smith. He showed an admirable deficiency in remembering how his part of the Welsh nation voted in the Brexit campaign.

On Andrew Neil’s Daily Politics (BBC2) he quite easily pronounced that his area voted to Remain. Rubbish. You only have to go to ‘walesonline’ and look for the election results. These show without any doubt that the RCT area (incl Pontypridd) voted LEAVE. 62,590 to 53,973.
Now he would probably argue that all who did NOT vote would be Remainers. Tosh. As a politician he should have known better. Just as well then he did not win the stand-off with Jeremy Corbyn. We don’t need prospective PM’s who cannot remember how the nation voted.
My question to him would be – if you are a MP of our area (possibly debatable now) and that area voted overwhelmingly No, would you when further voting is required such as Article 50, vote against? In my view you are NOT representing your constituency! By the way your mate from the Rhondda, the glorious Christoforo Bryant is in the same predicament. Gents, time to figure out what you were elected for!
It shows up the collapsing Labour party, infighting, and a general attitude of ‘Who cares...’ It’s like a lot of us have said before – Get rid of the sharp-suited career politicians and get in some hard-working down-to-earth people. Do us a favour Owen and Chris, just go back to your old very uninteresting lives and stop pretending you care for us.

Know your times tables!

All children in England will need to know their 12 times tables by the time they leave primary school under plans announced by the education secretary. The Conservatives want England to be in the top five in the world for English and maths by 2020. It is currently 23rd the various newspapers report. Well it depends how you look at that, 23 out of 27 in Europe does not sound so brilliant to me. They will tell us it is 23rd in the world. Which world? The English speaking world? That makes it even worse.
This is what presumably bright politicians can come up with! In other countries this has been done since time began. This island, this Britain has simply dumbed down to what can only be called third world standards and what's more we seem to be proud of it. We worked hard, very hard to make our children all the same and no bright politician ever understood by doing that you revert to the lowest common denominator. Now the education system in England has yet another scheme to contend with. When will politicians leave education alone? It must be quite clear by now, they haven't the foggiest. I am not even mentioning Wales. By the way I have never really quite understood why education is devolved. Why Wales and Scotland also, have a different set-up altogether. Compounding the problems in Wales in particular. It is crazy for a politician to state, we are proud to announce that we want our children to know their times tables by 2020! Ye gods, what sort of country do we live in? Zombieland? Couchpotatoland? Make your choice, I think I know where we will end up.

Hello everyone, iedereen, pob-un!

Hello readers – this is a new blog which is the result of the demise of Tonyrefail.org. The blog is not a board (bulletin board) like Tonyrefail.org was. www.tonyrefail-town.net will be entirely devoted to local politics, some of which will be reports, some will be my own views.
There will be the opportunity to comment and to comment on comments! There also will be moderation, anonymous comments will not be accepted.
The blog although using a dedicated domain name is based on Blogger. It is a simple but an effective way to quickly organise a blog. At the moment it is not encrypted (SSL) so the url to access is in the http format, not https. I will be installing a certificate in due course which will change the url to https only. Just have fun and comment. Remember that Big Brother is always watching! So use proper language, refrain from racist remarks and since the use of swear-words denote a repressed upbringing please refrain from using them.