Saturday, 15 August 2020

I am so happy!

Just for your information – This morning I was very lucky indeed to be one of the first to receive the new Russian version of the Covid-19 vaccine named SputnikAce6. Up to now everything is going well, no side effects or secondarioski Я так рада, что получила эту вакцину, и не могу отблагодарить своего друга Влада!

Влад Цепеш

High-flyers landing on very hard ground....


It must be obvious now, the government does not trust teachers to make the right choices! The constant interference in educational matters is quite something to behold. However you look at it the government, well at least the Ministry for Education and its high flying supremo, Gavin the Magnificent, thinks that teachers tend to overrate their pupils to make themselves look good. OK, that might be the case in some instances but in the main, from where I am sitting as a school governor, that is far from the truth. So, now the high flying supremo has landed, not just nicely on a runway but crashed down on very rocky ground and is now trying to climb out of the wreckage. We might well ask why are governments so insistent on running education? On top of it we should also ask where is the Civil Service in all of this? It will not take away that ministers are holding the can, e.g are responsible but surely it is time to look at the role of the CS! To have this many calamities, the government is already walking on wobbly legs. Time for Boris to put all this behind him and start again. Stop listening to ‘experts’, in my working life I found that ‘experts’ have only one string on their bow. And sing a tune that tends to overbear any and all others. Get some people who are looking to the society we have and want to improve it and moreover take the planet seriously. No need for specialists in top government, it asks for trouble.

Monday, 10 August 2020

Power corrupting? Or a way to riches?


Genoeg is genoeg: het is tijd om hier een einde aan te maken; het is tijd voor deze politici (allemaal, geen uitzonderingen) om de macht en Libanon in één keer te verlaten. Niemand wil ze nog als leider omdat ze allemaal incompetent, egoïstisch, gewetenloze leugenaars zijn.

The above excerpt in the Dutch language is part of a Quora report about Lebanon and the explosion in Beirut. It says about corrupt politicians who knew the danger but did not do anything for years. It says that they must cede power at once because of their incompetence, egotism and lies.

Well, it is a damning article written by a Lebanese man about the standard of public figures. We might well ask, why are politicians so reviled? Is there a grain of truth in such allegations?

We all know the proverb about how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely?

I suppose it is true because I remember the furore about one of our MPs charging the public purse (on his expense sheet) for a duckpond in his castle garden. And there have been quite a number of MPs who charged for second homes (which is allowed) but either rented it out or let their family members live in it free! So yes, when in power and therefore easy access to money and influence the case can be made that some will fail. The problem with politicians is that they want to be seen to please everybody. So lying becomes second nature. To say to a constituent, 'no I cannot do that or this is impossible' would, it is thought, harm re-election.

Many politicians, existing and future seem to forget what it is about. It is about servicing the community, the country and its standing. Proper financial control, proper division of resources and good infrastructure so all benefit. It is certainly not about personal advancement or enrichment. And one of the most difficult thing for a politician, learn the ability to say no but in a kind and responsible manner with explanations as to why it is No and not Yes. On top of that we, the great unwashed should not expect that politicians can make our lives easy. That after all is in our own hands. Difficult to understand? Ask the Lebanese what they think!

Sunday, 9 August 2020

Live normal? Or more normal...


Puleeese give us a break! Army general (Major General to be precise) Jones is hauled before a military panel. Why? Oh he romped with a married woman. On top of that a lieutenant-colonel has accused him of bullying. I wonder why. Just asking a question here, is the Army pussyfooting around nowadays? Do we now need to see adverts, join the Army but only if you do not have sex, keep your mouth shut, don’t swear and you read girlie magazines. This ‘woke’ Britain is getting silly.

The whole society we know is changing and that is because we pander to idiots, we listen to all sorts of drivel. Why? Because it is the only thing we hear because the silent ‘normal’ majority stays silent. Just read stuff on Facebook or Twitter. I am not sure whether younger people, the 20’s-35’s are fit to lead this nation or indeed any nation. From where I am sitting I see a changing world. Simply because it is always changing. The problem today is people expecting to live as they have lived for their lifetimes. In other words, no change please we are doing fine. No, people you are not doing fine. Most of us cannot cope with change. Corona-19 virus is not really an extra-ordinary thing. I am sure it or something like it has been around for a lot longer than these last few months. What’s more there any thousands more viruses just waiting in the wings. Again this is normal. What is not normal is how we react, how we are leaving ourselves open to disease. Why? Overcrowding because people congregate in larger and larger cities. On top of that a heck of a lot are pretty unhygienic.

Take the wet markets in China, look at South America and places in Asia like India, Afghanistan just to name a few. Pretty all  Egyptians live in Cairo, even in cemeteries!. Now you begin to understand why we are as we are today. So far that’s the negative side of things. Are there plus points perhaps? Well, of course, we are fast moving into a society run on electricity and hydrogen fuel cells. Apparently even for planes! That by the way will still heat up the atmosphere because that’s what energy, all energy does. But there will be less carbon and therefore less containing the sun’s heat. On top of that we just have to become used to less. Less travel, less consuming everything we lay our hands on. Less land degradation. Not easy, humans are creatures of habit and habits are difficult to break. It will be fun I told my grandson, he looked at me with a scowl on his face.

Ed 15/8/2020

The general has been cleared, good. Now back to normal. But remember some marriages do break down, so deal with it in a responsible manner. There will be no right or wrong. But be strong enough to say, sorry it no longer works and split evenly. And above all remember the rights of any children. They need both parents whether separated or not.

Friday, 7 August 2020

Covid-19 Physical changes?


Seeing a picture in a national newspaper and on the web as well of our esteemed Prime Minister I just wondered what an attack of Covid-19 really does to the body?  Ah well, it's how I normally look getting out of bed early in the morning.

(Picture from a TV satirical program – Spitting Image. Reported in the Sun Newspaper 7/8/2020)


Blue skies over Dover...or is it grey?

 More reports coming in daily of small dinghies seen in the Channel (the Dover Straits or if you are French la Manche). Obviously the problem is getting worse not better despite those beautiful words spoken by our incredibly intelligent politicians. They keep on and on, it has to be stopped and basically that’s it. Now I am quite aware why immigrants want to move to the UK, anyone with a brain and cognitive powers can. But and there is always a but, you also have to know the pressures this can and mostly will, bring to established services and infrastructure. There are now some 68million humans in the UK, that alone already is far too much for ensuring that local farming and industry can cope. So we are dependent on massively importing foodstuffs and industrial equipment. Presently that seems to be working even though the coronavirus has made things a bit difficult (so to say!). Will this continue? Viewing present policy, speeches et al by our esteemed politicians they think it will. Say a lot, show you are in charge but do absolutely nothing.

However, the virus shows that our defences are virtually non-existent. Our preparations, our awareness of what life is really all about is zero. This will also continue and so the next time a virus appears we will be in the same old boat. To get back to immigrants, they too will continue and in ever greater numbers as the criminal cartels that operate this activity will get better boats and get better organised which in turn will attract yet more immigrants. It must be obvious the French authorities look at the problem with stopped ears and half-closed eyes. Therefore the ball is in our court. Who is handling the tennis racket to hit the ball back? Or rather turn the boats, dinghies, kayaks and canoes and even inflatable kid’s toys back? Have we still got a navy? All questions that should float around our collective minds. So, Boris, Priti if you are actually alive and not holographic images, get on with it. After all that’s one of the reasons we voted for you!

Ed 8/8/2020

Looking at this morning's BBC News and Ceefax a good report from Calais. Despite what the French say, we saw a boat (dinghy) being put to see with up to 20 people. No police in sight. Again and again we hear British politicians say 'It's appalling, it has to stop'. But nothing is actually taking place except we pick up the self-same immigrants. Which is exactly what the smugglers know and bank on. What I may say now will shock - turn the dinghies around mid-channel. It will only take 4 or 6 Border cutters, fast boats who will continually patrol, day and night. If needed tow them back. Do not, I say NOT land them in Dover or anywhere else on the UK coast. By now it has to be obvious that most immigrants are not asylum seekers, they are looking for a new life. I understand that but there are proper ways to do this. Besides what is wrong with asking asylum in France? It is one of the nicest countries in Europe but with a joke of a government. You cannot have everything it seems.

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Brickie bonanza? Britain concreted over? Yeah, believe it...

One would always think that things could not be worse from yesterday. But you could well be wrong!. Reading various reports from the BBC’s Ceefax pages will show you the most irritating news. Mr Kendrick, Housing Minister has taken steps in a process that will re-write Planning law. Now I would not state here that the present planning laws are brilliant but what is proposed now is astoundingly idiotic. Let me explain, developers will be getting automatic, yes AUTOMATIC permission to build homes. Now, what do you think will happen if that goes through? I do accept that homes need to be built, people need affordable, sound places to live with their families. But you only have to look at how people behave because another report says that people are moving out of the cities to get a place in the countryside. That’s thanks to the virus of course. More, people are now buying second hand low quality cars because no-one wants to go to work by bus, tram or train any more. All quite understandable I suppose. But putting all these things together you will see a worrying future. I am afraid that I have lost faith in government, they are no more than tinkers. That means again we have stop-gap government. Policies made on the hoof, without much thought just because it is thought that’s what people want. This present government, sorry Boris, is no more than a sound-bite entity trying to please everyone by sweet talking. I really wonder what Covid-19 does to the brain?

I have noticed in the past how developers behave, even in a small town in the Rhondda. The machinations, the pressure and alleged corruption. But it is how we all behave, generally speaking. When the leash is off the dogs run (and so do we).

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Human rights, yeah and what then?

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death. They apply regardless of where you are from, what you believe or how you choose to live your life. They can never be taken away, although they can sometimes be restricted – for example if a person breaks the law, or in the interests of national security. These basic rights are based on shared values like dignity, fairness, equality, respect and independence. These values are defined and protected by law. In Britain our human rights are protected by the Human Rights Act 1998. (

Very laudable I’d say. And there is more, not just those few sentences above. We have the European Convention, we have International Human Rights. Brilliant. Is it? Well, it really depends how you look at it and where you are situated on the planet. Let’s have a look at the basics. What are your rights when you are born as an Eskimo? As an Amazonian Indian living in the darkest middle? Or as a Mongol in a yurt? It seems to me that the only thing that matters then is the care, the love of parents. If that is not available then blooey go your rights. You’ll be dead. Obviously human rights are simply a set of ideas set up, agreed by many different governments and then argued over. If we are scrupulously honest we note that human rights are really zero. It is only when people actually care they may mean something. It is only when things appear to go wrong on a personal level people start to shout about human rights. We should ask, OK human rights, great but have chimpanzees rights? Gorillas? All other animals? They are born, they are alive! What about trees? They are alive too. In principle, I’d agree with the drawn up laws of Human Rights, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, meaning the test of the law is in the actual use of it, the why and what for. And my friends that’s where it fails in many, many ways. I go by a few simple ways of living. As a Christian I go by ‘Treat your neighbour as you would want to be treated yourself’. Factually ‘neighbour’ meaning everybody and everything else. Human rights? No, not really but a personal moral way of living. Caring about others whether white, black, pink or grey.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Rubbish? What the ...

And so a new era has arrived, the post Brexit, post Covid era. There is a worrying trend which I noticed, probably also noticed by many aged persons, and that is the uncanny behaviour of young people. Young people are very good at protesting about all sorts of issues, amongst other things, the use of palm oil, plastic in the oceans and seas, CO2 and global warming and lately of course racism. Wonderful you’d say, it’s about time. But then these self-same young people when gathering in large groups, leave the most astonishing amount of rubbish. Even where I live, a small town in South Wales which I call Rubbish Town because of fly-blown detritus like small bits of paper and plastic, things are not as bad as that which was seen in Cardiff a day or so ago. Unbelievable. People dropped everything imaginable. Plastic everywhere, left-over food, drinks, cans, you name it. I know, the world is the world and things happen but we all could take a bit more care about the way we behave. It is, as far as I see it, a British disease. Protesting about anything and everything under the sun and then completely ignoring the reasons what they were protesting about. It is also one of the reasons why Covid-19 is so virulent in the UK. We have probably more deaths per 1,000 than most European nations. Even Spain? That’s because our young people are mostly ignoring what they are asked to do. Abide by the reasonable requests the government has made. It doesn’t bode well for the future. Perhaps this whole episode is the beginning of the end for humanity. Watch this space!

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Have another prosecco before you can't afford it anymore...

Having been mesmerised for nearly a year now about the ‘Wags War’, yes the war between two footballer’s wives. Coleen and Rebekah. Great stuff, I am drooling. But should I?

You know it is a bit stupid, don’t you think? Two adult (?) females at war over so-called social media messages about who said what or nothing at all? Frankly, who cares? The only people who are going to be extremely happy are those in the legal profession. Neither of the ladies in question are going to be any better off, in fact are going to lose more money than I will earn in ten years! The next thing we will see is the reports of their holidays in far flung places. Damn the Covid virus, I want my prosecco on a beach in South America. May I point out that these people are frankly nobodies? Wives of footballers, a couple of excellent footballers mind but footballers nevertheless. Wives who do nothing more or so it seems but looking at Twitter and Facebook. Two of the most derogatory and vile emanations of consummate bile that ever existed. If you believe everything on social media, you need to see a psychiatrist quickly. And that is exactly what these two need to do when back from their beach cavorting photo sessions. For the sake of their families.

Get rid of the BBC? Oh yes, please...

Ever since 1967 when I arrived in this great country I have liked the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), first and foremost to properly learn the language. This because despite Indians and Pakistanis getting leaflets in their own language, Dutch was not one of them. Nevertheless I did OK with my school learned stuff. But now the BBC has embarked upon destroying this nation’s self-belief. People like Maitlis and to some extent all other newsreaders as well plus those who host these abysmal chat programmes have no love for this country, nor our great heroes. Poor Winston Churchill who can be named as one of the great saviours in times of greatest need. To lambaste him without even mentioning the truly horrendous things the German nation and yes, the Russians as well did to their populations and the Jewish people is by far akin to treason! Where have these people got their education from and by whom? Is it also an indication of the state of our education system? Do all teachers and lecturers get their ideas from the BBC? Or is this the sign that the elite (!) have taken leave of their senses? I think the educators have taken the views the BBC has purveyed for years. Portraying the past on the basis of today’s technology. So the knights of yore were simple morons and bloodthirsty vampires. I have always viewed history as a way of looking at past mistakes and so would be better off by trying to improve our methods. Today I worry about the BBC having taken it upon itself to educate! It is high time to disband the BBC and start again with a service that is free and unbiased. Besides we shall have got rid of these massive costs and 'salaries' to 'stars'. Two million to 'luminaries' like Lineker? I wouldn't even pay him a tenner! That's why OAP's now have to foot the bill, again. Shame on you BBC. So, get lost.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

A Bright Future? Perhaps...

Listening to the news on TV is normally never a happy occasion I suppose. As bad news is common and good news is so rare that we might see aliens land before we hear any. Ah well it is what it is. But I constantly hear about getting the economy on track. This is by all sorts of people, so-called experts, news-readers, politicians, you name it and you hear it. There is one thing no-one seems to get into their heads, if we want the world to become healthier, that is to say better air to breathe, clean seas and oceans, good waste recycling then the economy too will have to change to that scenario. I explain – cars will not be produced in such quantity and no internal combustion engine. Trains will have to be totally electric, or even completely re-designed to be mag-lev. The holiday industry will mostly disappear insofar world-wide travel is concerned. And there are many more things that will have to be reformatted. In fact the whole economic system needs to be re-designed. But above all we, the people need to alter our life-styles, alter our aspirations to a sustainable level. We have to be scrupulously honest and agree we are on the wrong train to Smartville.

To get the economy on track as they indicate, just means we are merrily carrying on with fouling our own nest. Instead of continually talking about climate and what we should do and aim for, just start doing it, now! It will not be an easy task, to repair what we have already damaged will take time and money and we might have to wield the knife heavily. Many of us will not want to do that but if we do not then we will have totally failed our children, and grand-children including all future generations.

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Byd Newydd yn dod?

Onid yw’r amseroedd’n rhyfedd? Hyd yn oed mewn lle bach mewn cornel dawel o Gymru fel y Rhondda! A mae firus yn rheoli bywyd o pobl i gyd. Sef Covid19 a ffliw, wrth gwrs.

Er bod mwy o geir ar ein ffordd a mae pobl wedi dechrau dychwelyd i’w gwaithle dydy’r economi dim yn perfformio yn dda eto. Mae siopau’n adrodd gwerthiannau is na’r disgwyl.

Ond fel dywedais o’r blaen, rhaid i ni’n addasu ein cymdeithasau fel rydym ni ddim yn taflu dim i ffwrdd o gwbl. Ailgylchu i gyd. Rhaid i ni datblygu y drafnidiaeth gyhoeddus yn y fath fodd fel gyrru ceir dim ond yw am cludo nwyddau . Efallai rhywbeth tebyg faniau trydan bach yn dod gyda nwyddau o bwynt ganolog. A gallai Cymru fod ar y blaen yn natblygiad o'r fath.

Maglev, llwybrau lȏn fysiau arbennig dim chaniateir unrhyw draffig arall. Bydden ni angen ail-datblygu trefi, yn enwedig mewn lleoedd fel y Rhondda. Bydd tai newydd yn cael eu hadeiladu fod defnyddio y gwres o gannwyll sengl. Rhaid trydan fod wneud o paneli solar ar to i gyd bob man.

Yn wir, bydd yn fyd wahanol. Felly, gadwch i ni ei symud ac yn gyflym. Cyn i ni i gyd ffrio!

Nodyn, Dw wedi geisio sgrifennu erthygl bach yng Ngymraeg am pryd cyntaf. Os mae gamgymeridau’n darganfod, dim boeni!

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Sweet Talking politics? Oh yeah...

It is basically as I said before – politics is just talk. Talk and no action. Take the problem of uncontrolled migration. We know it has been going on for years. Despite all the encouraging words, yes even from Ms Priti Patel, one of the better Home Secretaries, we still hear and see that hundreds attempt to cross the Channel. We hear ‘It cannot go on’, we hear ‘They must be returned’, we hear ‘France has to do more’. Well, frankly so far so good, the words spoken are great. But now we see a picture in the Sun showing literally hundreds of inflatables stacked up in a Dover warehouse. Oh yes, inflatables, canoes, even kayaks. So, what about returning then? Besides the people that were in those boats are also still here. So much for ‘We will return them’. I am not arguing the points about the why and wherefore immigrants wish to come to the UK. I think we all know quite well, why. And I’m sure this will not end soon either despite Ms Patel’s fine words. Because as I have said before, or at least indicated we are governed by an elite, a political elite. Who have no interest but their own survival, perks and salaries. Government by the people for the people? It always has been a dream. We are governed by elitists and aristocrats. These people have no interest at all as has been shown over and over again in questions that bother the general population. Questions like housing, and decent pay amongst others. The elite just mouth the same old platitudes. Look at Boris, I would say I thought he would make a difference but so far whether keelhauled by Covid-19 or not, he has failed to make an impact. Well, perhaps it was better to have had the Socialist Tsar Jeremy at the helm. He wanted to spend money like water, everyone including me laughed but hey what now? We are spending more than even he indicated.

So, it is no wonder that most people tend to think ‘To hell with it, I’ll go to the beach, virus or no virus’. This because the leadership has been here and there and got lost in the woods.

If I had to follow all the directives, suggestions, rules and regulations I should have emigrated to the Antarctic by far the safest place expect for the plastic pollution. Well, there it is, it is now July and I am looking forward to seeing many more boats arriving whilst Ms Patel is singing ‘Blue Birds over Dover’.

Friday, 17 July 2020

There are Judges and then there are British judges...

It must now be quite evident that British judges live in a different world than everyone else. We here apparently judge people, people like the jihadis, possibly Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, you name it there must be hundreds if not thousands of similar people with similar ideas, we judge them on terms that pertain in our present timid, shallow, ‘woke’ society. These people, jihadis or whatever you want to call them are criminals, simple as that. If you cut off somebody’s head that is murder, and in the first degree. I don’t care whether that happens here or there. Helping to hold the knife makes you an accessory to murder. This is very difficult to understand for UK judges. Sipping the afternoon sherry a bit too much they pick up a Mills and Boon romance novel and swoon over memories of their first fumble under the elm tree on their estates. Then after a few more sherries they remember reading about a land called Utopia and lo and behold their judgement springs forth like a ray of moonshine whilst werewolves howl in the distance.

If you think reading this I had a few sherries, you might be right, trying to drown my sorrows.

The point of all this is this – jihadis, even women, girls whatever who have committed these atrocious crimes in another country must be tried and judged in that country. If that is impossible due to a civil war raging they must be judged/tried by the War Crimes court in the Hague. Another thing we might need is to build special jails and research needs to done to find out how people get brainwashed to that extent that beheading becomes a normal day-to-day activity.
Now that I am recalling my own military service I am sure there was a rule that said if you take service in another country you automatically lose your citizenship. Not sure if that rule still applies, because the latest judgement here seems to contravene that rule. I am sure that if you enrol in the French Foreign legion you lose your UK status. So, joining ISIS which portrays itself as a national army you must lose your UK status. There is no need for a judge to say otherwise. Now, I am not a lawyer or even employed in the legal profession so I might or could be wrong. Enlighten me by telling us chapter and verse, thank you.

Thursday, 9 July 2020

May I have an opinion?

Asking a question today – Why are ‘woke’ people so determined to ‘silence’ the great majority? Let me explain that in some more detail. I am referring to the famous and now ‘infamous’ author JK Rowling. You must excuse me but wasn’t she right in saying that only women menstruate? She might not have said that in those exact words but she was unmistakable in what she said. Now, forgive me but I have never seen or heard of a man doing exactly that? Unless we dig some fossils up that would suggest otherwise? Or we discover some African or lost Amazonian tribe where we are astounded to discover that menstruation was across the board. Lovely, how diverse nature can be without operations!.

The point about all of this is – Why do we listen to this kind of piffle? Even worse, take action? How many now have had to resign their position, or lost their job and livelihood because a vocal woke minority were screaming their heads off? Are we not entitled to have an opinion any more? I do respect people just the same even if they hold opposite views to mine! I think the problem is that gender boundaries, in fact all boundaries of almost anything else have been blurred. It was not particularly helpful for ‘luvvies’ like the stars of the Harry Potter films to come out with the drivel reported in great detail by the newspapers. Either the reports were wrong or hyped up or the stars did not have a clue what they were talking about. I think it was probably the latter. It is pretty well known that the mental capacity of most celebrities is less than 25 on the IQ scale. Most of their thinking seems to be centred on the nether regions if you know what I mean.

It is high time to enforce the right to free speech. We are entitled to our views and should be able to express these.

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Statistics and nothing but statistics...

And so we are going back to normal. Whatever normal is. Apparently humanity cannot wait to get sloshed as fast as possible. Be it visiting a pub in England (Wales is still dry) or taking a flight to the shagging beaches of Spain. It’s all the same I suppose except the sun burns a happy 40 degrees Celsius in Spain whilst in Blighty we swelter with 10 degrees and a storm or two. Copious rain to boot. Happy days!

There is a story to tell here and for those listening they can see and hear the thunder and lightning on the horizon. You might have thought the various governments would have taken the opportunity to have a serious look at how society has to be if we are serious about curtailing humanity’s gaseous outpourings. I am not talking about bodily emanations, no indeed! We are talking billions of tons of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxides amongst others. Talking about bodily emanations we should not forget those made by our cattle! There are now nearly 8 billion human on this mudball!  Graph from Wikipedia. (

You should ask this – can we actually support so many humans? We tend to not think about that in the western world as we in the main eat more than we should and have a home to go to. That is not true in a lot of other places. India or rather Asia has plenty of problems, the favelas in Brazil are another show of poverty and deprivation. Even here in the UK we have to struggle with deprivation, homelessness and poverty! I suppose it is not much different in other European countries , the US being the so-called richest nation on Earth has plenty to worry about as well.

Looking at the graph you will note that all these pressures are not that old. The graph really takes off at around the end of WW2. The type of graph worries me, I studied some elementary Statistics and in that you learn about Normal Distribution.

And the graph shows the beginning. These graphs go to the top and then tall off in the shape of a bell.

This means there will be a point at which the population number can no longer be supported and will start to decline. This decline might be rapid through starvation and diseases. Bearing in mind that the upward curve will bottom out probably before 2100 by 2150 there will be only a remnant left. Rest assured this process is natural, it cannot be stopped unless you change the reasons why the curve is going upward. That simply means adjusting lifestyles to levels that will not change the composition of the atmosphere, proper land-use and prohibiting the petrol/diesel combustion engine, including aviation engines. It is a sobering thought but there is still time and things like gas pollution can be improved quickly as this coronavirus period has shown through less car driving and virtually no aircraft flying. There it is, the choice is ours. It literally is let live or let die.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Jesus too white? Could be....says Archbishop

I do read the Sun newspaper, call me a plonker. Perhaps I am but the paper is mostly quite fun to read. Most of it is for the nations’ dumbos like me but there are bits of seriousness. This Saturday in an interesting snippet, the Archbishop of Canterbury thinks Jesus’ image should be reconsidered. Yes, he feels he is too white. No, really? You know this is just the sort of thing we have wanted the Church of England’s supremo to say. It is absolutely brilliant. Just the job. That’s what we need right now. Jesus is too white. I think the Arch might need a few more things that are important, was St Peter really a fisherman? Was St Paul actually a re-incarnation of the too white Jesus? Questions I think that need solving forthwith and the Church’s Synod should be discussing these things for the next five years at least.

And then we read this...

Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘Mrs T wouldn’t be ill with Covid-19’ hits the spot. It is about dithering by politicians. Now, you might not like Mrs Thatcher, in fact only the likes of the rabid left wanted to keel-haul her but personally I agree with Jeremy. Forgive me the pun but the lady had balls! Something which some present day politicians need looking at. Perhaps a quick visit to the hospital might solve the case. She wouldn’t have been fazed by Covid. No, sir! Stand up and send in the marines, that was her motto. Never mind the bed-wetters, smack a few heads together, show ‘m who is boss.

Lastly Lorraine Kelly wrote on the selfish trash who spoiled our beauty spots. Something I have mentioned in a previous post as well. Indeed I have to apologise for just mentioning those appalling young people who left tons of rubbish on one of the prettiest beaches in all of England. I left out the hundreds if not thousands of old fools who joined in and had no second thoughts at all in leaving behind used condoms, tampons, BBQs and left over food scraps just to name a few items.

As Lorraine said, these are the people who were clapping the NHS, who say they care about the planet, who demonstrate their ‘social awareness’ by throwing statues they don’t like into the water or daub stupid slogans on Winston’s statue. Well, it probably shows how far we have moved since we separated from the monkeys. Probably not very much. Let’s stop pretending we are important. But most of all, clean up our act.


Friday, 26 June 2020

It's all a load of rubbish...

Great news we see on the television today. Mass brawls on the beaches. Yes, even in Wales. Ogmore by Sea, basically a beach without services (good!) did see a mass brawl by mainly young persons. Why? Only God knows, drink and drugs probably. There goes a shiver down my spine when I think these idiots are going to rule the country in 5 or 10 years time. Maybe that answers some present politicians and their quality as well. Tons of rubbish left and frankly I do believe that young people despite what they say publicly have no regard at all for the environment. Because if you did you would not leave such massive amounts of crap for others to clean up. They pontificate about the fouling of the oceans with plastic but leave tons of it on the beach of which quite a lot will be ending up into the sea. All that matters is to gulp down alcohol as fast as possible and smoke the marijuana cultivated in the cellars of the slums they live in. Anyone looking forward ten years to colonise Mars is wasting their time. We probably will end up using Mars as a convenient rubbish dump. I just love reading stories about mining the asteroid belt, who are they kidding? If you have studied psychology or even psychiatry you will know that we have allowed our society to develop a type of human being who has no regard for anything because they feel short-changed by society.  But whatever or however we look at it, the future does not look rosy. If educated aliens who are thousands of years ahead in knowledge came to our planet, they would probably just see as easy food. Yum Yum, I hope I am tasty enough.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

All life matters? Of course it does...

Reading and listening to the various reports on TV, the virus, a plane flying over the soccer stadium in Burnley and a host of others you might be forgiven thinking you lived on an alien planet. ‘Black lives matter’ being prevalent at the moment, but shouldn’t that really be ALL lives matter? All life is precious. Animal life, human life, everything. Us humans have a real responsibility to see to it that we are NOT pressurising other life, human or otherwise. That means, in my opinion, we have to tackle present day slavery, tackle inequality but also tackle living space and conditions for animal life. To that effect we need to curb human activity. Now, what that would entail might not be popular. Less flying aeroplanes, less car driving, less producing useless goods. Less urban expansion, better use of land. Tree planting, diverse tree planting, no uniform spruce or larch plantations. Better and clean electricity generating methods, meaning sea based power generating projects. Wind, lagoon for instance. I realize that whatever needs to be produced such as wind turbines, there will be an adverse impact. Metals needs smelting, concrete bases, limestone quarrying, plastics etcetera. But if we do not start thinking and acting the outlook for the planet as a whole is not good. I think us humans need to alter our whole outlook on life. As a matter of fact in the whole scheme of things we are NOT important! But we are important for the fact we CAN do something to alter conditions for all life on this planet. Whether that will be a positive or a negative, well it really depends on brainpower. Thinking and coming to the right conclusions and actions. Let’s hope the likes of Mr Trump, Putin et al are listening, sitting down and thinking ‘Why does the sun get up every morning’?

Saturday, 20 June 2020

What next Boris? Dither some more?

Boris, Boris, Boris, yes Boris the PM. Please my man stop listening to those ill informed specialists. Especially when they have a left-bias and most have! The trouble with Boris is that he doesn’t seem to be his ebullient self at the moment. He dithers. One minute he says schools are back, next minute they are not because the unions didn’t like it. Who cares a toss about unions right now? The TUC supremo, I cannot remember her name, has only been seen once on TV and besides smiling didn’t say much. Just wondering if she disappeared to her summer house in the wilds of Scotland? That other chief, of Unite seems more talkative, well at least he manages to get his point over. One thing that Boris likes is a barbecue, we can now have one. Carry on with the holiday Boris, just look now and again at the sharply rising national debt. Anyone thought yet at how this is going to be paid? Well, National Insurance for businesses will be cut but most likely upped for every worker. That alone is interesting because we may look at 5,000,000 unemployed. Boris, Boris stop listening and for once act! You promised much but so far have done little. Yes, the virus has scuppered a lot of action that otherwise would have happened. Stop listening to the opposition, stop arguing with that failed MI5 guy or was it MI6, who cares. Act, we might not like it, we probably will hate you but we pay you to make the unpopular popular. If you want yourself and the Conservatives to be in government after the next general election, start acting now!

Friday, 19 June 2020

Some hard truths?

Sometimes newspapers carry funny bits of information. According to Rod Liddle my fav journo, scientists in Japan are predicting that within 20 years or so, we will be communicating with animals. That’s useful. I can ask the cat, do you love me? Answer – ‘Love YOU? What the f…, I don’t even like you. You are a dweeb, put out my food on time, you plonker and get off the settee, it’s mine’! Some slightly altered sentence from Rod.

There will be some very interesting discussions, I’m sure. Or words to that effect. Anyway, it might be fun, if it’s true and are bothered to spend money and time on such research. But then the Japanese? My cat doesn’t speak Japanese, but likes sushi though. So, it might work. ‘Here kitty, kitty, how about some hara-kiri, sorry sushi’?

Joking apart though, has anyone ever thought why this Covid-19 has been so rampant? I was watching a programme on the Freesat Channel called Abandoned Engineering, it was showing some very large abandoned buildings in Germany. Buildings that were built in the late 1800’s. Solitary palaces set in woodland. It was amazing to learn that these were a type of hospitals. One disease that was so rampant was tuberculosis. There was no antidote, no vaccination. It killed 80% of those who caught it. Any reverberations in our brains yet? I picked up quickly it was the amount of people that had moved into the conurbations. Berlin in particular. So, yet again, it is the closeness, the squalor, the unhygienic situations that had allowed a serious disease to spread. It is the same every time. Today coronavirus spreads so easily because of the number of people travelling God knows where, all across the globe. We are now popping over to New York for a meeting, for Pete’s sake. And we are still unhygienic! Look at some public toilets, in aircraft, trains (if you can find one), or buses. Look at the rubbish thrown away, some just on the roads. Does everyone brush their teeth? Ask your dentist (if you can find one). Washing hands is just too much work for some...

The truth is just us humans who are guilty of bringing these diseases to all. Through fouling our living space, the earth, the seas and oceans, the very air we breathe. To congregating in thousands, even millions, time after time. I have mentioned before, human numbers have reached a plateau. But worse, humans now are moving towards areas of the world where the climate is still within comfortable range. So Europe will have to accommodate millions within the next 30 to 50 years. You can see this behaviour now, by the number that just want to reach the UK. So, no easy answers but I do think we need a type of politician, even all politicians, who are not afraid taking hard, sometimes unpopular decisions. We need people who can see clearly that we need good, sound policies to plan for a land that can support its citizens AND all that lives there. Nature should be uppermost in everything.

We need to forget what WE want, we need to remember what the world we depend on wants and needs.

Monday, 15 June 2020

Woke Britain is very much alive...

Blimey, woke Britain is alive and very well. Churchill started WW2, Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini are the good guys. Google made Churchill disappear according to the newspapers from their WW2 commanders article. Well, why not, Google does as it fits the bill. Whatever bill that is.

Will Google now rewrite history? Probably, it seems they keep idiots employed. You know the type, social liberal lefties with a humanities degree. Most likely Home Economics. Or nowadays in how to cut hair. I think that very soon you could get a PHd in researching the best way to wash up the dishes. According to my wife I am already the best.Perhaps I should work for Google except I am now retired from such frivolity.

But as I mentioned in a previous article, Britain is in danger of pandering to stupid and irresponsible demands from aforementioned lefties. And opposed by their opposite number, the ultra right ‘nationalistic’ vigilantes. Neither have a real clue as what is really at stake. You only have to look at how totalitarian states and regimes treat their own people to see the results. Whether based on religious or social principles I leave for others to discuss; I don’t care because I want to live in what I term a free society. It has to be understood by all that freedom comes with a set of rules. Usually these are embodied in a constitution. The UK has no constitution and perhaps we need to look at that but rules there have to be. Simply because 66million people cannot all live in castles or at the sea side, so to say. So, let’s calm down and start a proper dialogue with various bodies to see where we go next in our quest for equality. Because I feel that is the only thing that matters.

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Doing the right thing? Oh dear me.....

When we had to go through the election process, the last election, there were times I thought we actually lived in a totalitarian state. The Labour party had descended into a clone of the Russian Communist party with a sidekick called Momentum. Well, whatever but now, today, we see the result. These people have not gone away after their election defeat, no siree! They are now Racism and Slavery protestors. Everything now that smacks of black vs white or slavery in even the most minute form is a target. Take our once much loved sit-coms, Only Fools and Horses, Dad’s Army, even It Ain’t Half Hot Mum! That type of comedy had to have stereotypes akin to white supremacy and others in servitude in some small way but funny. I have been in a national army and ribald comments are made all the time. Racism? Black? All part of the curriculum. They have not (yet) disbanded the Army but there is still time people. Gone with the Wind will probably be going into the dustbin, yet that film portrays a time in history which was all too real! So, now our children will not know history any more but have to acquiesce and keep quiet. Just another form of slavery. One of my favourite ‘uncouth’ journo’s, Rod Liddle wrote in one of his articles ‘Do you remember how we used to feel sorry for people in totalitarian states like the USSR and in Iran where they were not allowed to read the books they wanted to read or to see the films they wanted to see? The same thing is now happening here’. The problem I have with all these protests is that they get hijacked by extremists who have only one aim, to establish a totalitarian state.

But what then? Will that improve our lives? Well, looking around and God forbid having read some books about slavery and its practices including what certain dictators managed to do to their own populations, I can say I want to be living in a free society. Of course we have problems but at least we are free to do something about them, to solve them with due consideration to all.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Racism and slavery - Problems that just wont go away...

I do read a few of the questions and answers from a discussion program called Quora. I read it in English, Dutch and German and I have to say the English language version outshines the Dutch and mostly the German one as well. There is however also a, lot of dross on it, some a bit sexual if you like that sort of thing but also interesting questions about the universe, mathematical conundrums and so on. The one highlighted which got my attention was by an Asian person who answered the following question – What sucks about being white?

He (I think it is a he) says If you are white, everyone will accuse you of racism, oppression, cultural appropriation, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia - every sin in the world, even though you by all standards are better than 95 percent of the world’.

Remember though he speaks in the plural, 'you' meaning every single white person.

He quantifies that saying through asking and answering – What’s about slavery? Answer - ‘Did you know that slavery existed throughout the entire history of human beings? Europeans were also held as slaves - not only in Ancient Rome, but also quite recently - by historical standards - as part of the Arab, Barbary and Ottoman slave trades’. ‘In Constantinople (present-day Istanbul), the administrative and political centre of the Ottoman Empire, about a fifth of the population consisted of slaves in 1609 - many of whom came from Caucasus, Eastern Europe, and Africa’.

Yet there is no “Turkish” guilt whatsoever. There is no “Arab” guilt. No one in the Arab or Turkish world has a “White Pride Parade” today, nor are Arabs forced by their educational system to cast aside their glorious history and deride their ancestors for slavery. You can read the same about slavery in Muslim Spain, in Iran, and so on.

Slavery was ubiquitous until it was ended in the 20th century. By Europeans’.

Interesting? Read about his view on colonialism - Did you know that it also existed pretty much everywhere in the world? That almost a third of the European continent was once a place conquered by the Islamic states, let alone the Islamic conquest of North Africa. Why does no-one speak of Islamic colonialism and Islamic guilt? Colonialism was ubiquitous until it was ended in the 20th century. By Europeans. Life was a mess before the 20th century - pretty much everywhere in the world. The whole concept of human rights, that we today take for granted, did not at all exist until it was established by Europeans. Everything bad that is ascribed to Europeans - colonialism, racism, slavery, sexism - was ubiquitous everywhere in the world, until it was ended by Europeans. Stop hating your (European) history and take pride in it - just as everyone else in the world does. Every history of every race and ethnicity has its bright and its dark moments. Let’s forget what is long gone and look forward to a world where no such things will exist - only beautiful moments!’

I would say – Hear, hear! But as we know slavery does still exist, even in Europe!

Nevertheless the article is well placed and as some of the replies show, pretty well being misunderstood by some. Extremism takes over. What will dunking a stupid statue do except to give a good feeling for some for a little while? Will it change the system? Mostly not I suspect. I have said before we humans do not learn much from history. We cannot change history as much as we will shout and scream. But we can change the present for the better. Through a proper dialogue and coherent plans that make sense to the population at large. I suspect the great majority of people today abhor racism and slavery and all that comes with it. But I’m afraid hurting police horses will only turn the tide against.

I regret that humanity in the past thought slavery was OK, greed and money uppermost. The UK was certainly not alone in that rancid activity, the Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese all had a hand in it as far as Europeans were concerned. Arabs, Chinese, Japanese all alike. So, if we want to have a go, let’s all march on Beijing or Tehran and throw their statues around. There’s plenty of choice. It’s right, we need to change and not just here, but everywhere.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Back to normal?

It is becoming pretty clear now as to what sort of society we have here in the UK. A shallow, non-thinking, basic people who cannot wait to get to Spain to get drunk as fast as possible, fornicate on the beach in public and think that they are doing a grand job. These past weeks have shown a distinct separation of behaviour generally. Those that have abided by the advice to stay at home or in the very vicinity of it and take care for others and themselves and those who flouted everything. Some younger people actually said 'I cannot get this virus, it’s only oldies who get it' and would push around people in the supermarkets without abandon. Then there were those who abandoned all pretence to keep to the 2m distance advice, congregating on the streets in twos, threes and even more, drinking alcohol and clapping the NHS.
Well it just shows the quality of the society we have built since WW2. Unfortunately rather than getting hard, proper researched advice from our government and I mean the main government not the sideshows in Wales and Scotland or even Northern Ireland, no the London rabble, we had an enormous number of mostly conflicting advice. Back to school? Yes, in England, no everywhere else. Should we be 2m or 1m apart, no-one knows. Can we fly, yes or sorry no, not really. Perhaps wait until Grant Shapps makes up his mind whether to establish air bridges. God help us all. Then the government who has and still is, spending literally billions on something called ‘furlough’ also stated bluntly hundreds of thousands or even millions will lose their jobs. So I suppose furlough will turn into jobseekers allowance. Much less of course. But now that the lock-down is easing and the beaches are filling up, mostly with bottles of urine and human excrement because all the toilets are closed, IKEA has a queue, seven miles long to get some Swedish meatballs at the caffi and McDonalds needs police protection because the McFlurries have dried up, yes we are back to normal folks!

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Education, education, education, and not a drop to drink....

I often wonder whether those whom we have elected and those whom they appoint to do certain things actually have much of an idea what ordinary people think and have to deal with. I know that their words indicate they care but do they, really?
Take the case of this Corona virus problem. Of course it is a problem, people generally have no immunity and we might well ask why this has occurred at all. Like how was it possible to yet again originated in China? What are they doing there? But that question will have to be asked and hopefully answered another time.
But the virus is just one of the problems we face today, let’s take Wales, Wales is a much poorer part of the UK, and nothing like the London and Home counties areas. In Wales education is bedevilled by a quango called Estyn that ‘supervises’ standards. We might ask what standards and what are they based on? In my book standards mean the quality of the education on offer. But seemingly, at least according to Estyn they base standards on the attainment levels of pupils. In other words how many A’s have been acquired. It seems that they continually ask, nay demand standards increasing but without the resources needed to do so. Wales struggles with old legacies of ill-health, unemployment and more but let that rest for a minute. It should however be quite obvious that increasing standards in education needs more than putting pressure on educators e.g teachers. It needs an infrastructure to do so. You simply cannot tell pupils to learn who have no support at all from family or have no family. The social structure just is not there. These are facts that escape organisations such as Estyn and indeed I suspect government as well. Or if they know they simply ignore it.
It is true that some of the teachers are below of what is required. That is a problem that needs sorting by higher educators. It does no-one any good to have teachers who do not really want to be in the class-room. The battlefield which is today’s classroom is entirely of the governing classes’ making. Meddling politicians, poor decision making, and above all political dogma have decimated the quality of education in all fields. It is time to give the teaching professions the power back to educate and side-line political interference.

Monday, 25 May 2020

Hurray! Politics are back! It's a Bank Holiday!

It is a wonderful day, of course because it is a Bank Holiday!. The world is slowly going back to what it was before. The backbiting, the politiking, the snide remarks, the opposition taking potshots at the government, minute by minute. Yes, I feel quite at ease again! And oh yes, I nearly forgot we are still home-chained, furloughed or whatever else this virus has made us suffer. Listening to the BBC’s continual ever droning-on reports about the virus, which is the only thing they now talk about, I want to throw the TV set out of the window but fortunately I have Freesat and can switch over to some other 100 channels!. A lot of repeats but hey, I had forgotten there was once a program called ‘Merlin’. Nice to see again.
Listening this morning to the reports on the main channels; Dominic, the same Dominic who advises the PM, seems to have a bit of trouble. Well, he might as well get used to it. The knives are out for him, no doubt. I suppose it is the old, old story yet all over again. These are the people who tell everyone else what to do but it seemingly does not count for them. However, I must say that if I had been in his place I would have done exactly the same! Looking at the personal issues, that of family coming first you can easily see the route he took to solve a problem. OK it was not next door but if you are in these type of situations you might not think particularly along straight lines. You act and you act fast. It might not be politically correct but you would not care a damn! Besides all that, from where I am sitting I see thousands of cars along the A4119 every week, people completely ignoring to stay home and waltzing off to the beach of public parks which normally they wouldn't do. But now, it's a virus holiday, you know! So, as far as I am concerned, leave the man alone, he is a pretty good advisor as far as advisors go, and Boris needs a strong, common sense guy who is not afraid to kick some buckets about. Keep going DC! Show the Guardian where to stick their papers. It’s just a lefty hack nowadays anyway. Cheers, here’s to DC!

Thursday, 21 May 2020

The new way of life to come?

I think it should be obvious by now that we are looking at a different economic scenario than we have been used to. In particular the enormous number of aircraft flying and now not flying. The benefits (not in employment I’m sorry to say) have been pretty clear. Clear skies, less, much less pollution. In other words we have to develop a type of economy that perhaps would look a lot more like it was hundreds or so years ago. More self-sufficiency. Why should apples or lambs meat come from 6000 miles away? In cities like Birmingham or London, there should now be electric buses with more space for individuals. Car-less city centres or even whole cities, with bike lanes for bikes and electric mopeds. We have to tackle urban pollution, and plastics in particular. Everybody has to take much more care about what and how they throw away stuff. We simply must respect nature and all the things that live. We need food but we don’t have to factory farm. In any case we should eat less meat. Much less.
I suppose there are no easy answers, whatever we do there is a negative side to it somewhere or other. We do need to find the right balances.
Humanity seems to be a strange abnormality on the planet. We use everything we lay our hands on, whether needed or not. When we find we do not really want it or need it, we simply discard it by throwing it anywhere convenient. A grass verge around a road will do fine, some of us think. Or flush our used cooking oil down the toilet, easy, out of sight out of mind. So, perhaps this Covid-19 is teaching us one thing, that everything that lives is important. Also that we do not have to live on a never ending roller-coaster. We do not really need to get drunk on a Spanish beach, there are plenty of beaches in the UK. It really is time to re-think how we want our civilisation to be. More, how we want to be on this planet. So hopefully we might in the end avoid making a planet of deserts, swirled around by seas that are poisonous for every living thing and devoid of fish. It is our choice, so let’s make the right one!

Political double speak

There are definitely two different languages spoken in Britain today. English and English. Let me explain. One is the normal English spoken by ordinary people and another is spoken by the political classes. By political classes I mean everybody who does not work but gets paid by the state. One speaks we blue collar workers understand, the other speaks in words no-one can understand.
The political classes speaking about the influx of migrants which continues unabated and now includes hundreds of small boats, dingies, inflatables of every kind come up with ‘Reckless acts facilitated by criminals that we are determined to stop!’ I had to look in a dictionary to figure out what was meant. Just meaningless drivel. Next thing is they are simply landed in Dover, even medically tested and moved to a nice spot somewhere green, free food, free accommodation, free medical care. All whilst waiting for a judicial something or other before let off to start picking fruit. So, nice words but as usual no real action to stem the original problem. Am I over-reacting? Am I an idiot? Perhaps I might be but I just wonder why everyone in the political class comes up with this English which does mean nothing at all. What class form teaches this, Eton? Possibly, there are classes in how to speak, how to obfuscate (see, I can do this as well! Obfuscate, to hide, to perplex), how to watch your back and how to put the boot in without someone noticing. There are definitely still different classes in this country. I know we are probably used to it but surely it needs changing? We need more ordinary people in government. We also need to take to task the greatest inequality of all, the pay and salary systems. It cannot be good to know that some who do not produce anything at all, like those who work in the financial sectors, can trouser up to £1,000,000 in bonuses? Well, enough of this, Boris might be the man to take it to task, I’m waiting!

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Where does the money go?

Quite a number of people are heard to say Virus? What virus? And yes it is difficult to figure that out as those who do not suffer any of the illnesses it brings or are young, or could be immune and even might have had the disease but did not even know it albeit just had a sore throat. But there are and were those of us who literally died. This obviously is a time of stress. The papers are full of reports of the failures of government, criticisms of the Civil Service, the way they seem to countermand the wishes of the government and its ministers, it is all laid bare. Now we have to endure the most stressful of times being locked down at home for fear of spreading the virus. Well, looking around I see as many cars on the road as ever. I see people walking about in threes and fours, many ignore the guidance of staying two or three metres apart. Young men just push past you in the shops, ignoring the yellow arrows on the floor. So, an obvious disregard for health guidance.
You will hear the old adage of ‘God has sent this to humanity in judgement for having turned away from him and in judgement of our immoral lives’. They probably see God pulling a lever in Heaven called ‘Judgement’, particularly after having heard the various politicians and their incoherent reporting of the facts. I can be a critical person, one of my pet dislikes is the failure of the Church, yes I mean all the Churches, their failures to discuss a world, its social aspects, the way we ought to live and treat the planet, but there is precious little. The point is that God, the way I see it, has in infinite wisdom created a whole Universe. Not just the Earth. That needed some basic rules, one of which seems very like cause and effect. Such as if I abuse the planet, it will wither, if I abuse my body I will get ill. If I abuse my neighbour there will be repercussions and harm might follow. This has nothing to do with God, the virus has nothing to do with God, it pretty well follows our careless attitude to health and cleanliness. It most likely started in China, whether through laboratory carelessness or market conditions , we do not know but thanks to our own lifestyles, travelling all over the world, living close together, meeting hundreds of people every day, globalisation, pollution weakening our lungs and so we fell foul of the virus. This might not be the last either, if we do not change we will continue to fall prey to ever more virulent diseases. So, God is not sitting in heaven dropping viruses all around but we should still take and think of this time as an opportunity. The positive environmental effects , decreased production of mostly useless items and tourism diminished, particularly to the alcohol sodden beaches of Spain, because we were halted in our tracks before the environmental catastrophe would have become unavoidable. Or perhaps even irreversible!
Edit - I seem to have lost a bit about financing after we go back to normal. Whatever normal means. I think I deleted it inadverntly. I will think of it and write another post.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Waking up is hard to do...

From time to time I watch some good reporting type programs on YouTube. Showing some sights in the world, China, Korea, Japan and a host of other countries. Showing the infrastructure. Well, my heart sinks looking at some of the things shown. Comparing that with what is around here in the UK. They build roads, new, railways electrified, everything runs on time, hardly standing in trains, plenty of seating capacity. The trains are supersonic or so it seems. 400 kms an hour and some don’t even have wheels! Like the Maglev. Over in the UK Wales is lucky to get second-hand old diesel buses! The roads are in such a state your car will need a new suspension within one year of buying it. Where does all our money go to?
Am I missing something? Let’s have a comparison exercise, we have the NHS, a great thing to have. It costs billions though, other countries only have a rudimentary system that mostly you have to pay for. In Holland they have a three-tier insurance system. The bottom tier actually is not worth having, it only allows doctor’s visits and rudimentary hospital services. No dental stuff. But it is a fair question, where then is our money spent? It does not seem to be on our infrastructure. Despite all those wonderful politicians mumbling on TV about how hard they work, may I ask – where and what for? Where is our Maglev? Plans for that would be mired in controversy from the very beginning. We, the citizens of our country will have to decide what we do really want. You know for a nation that started the industrial revolution, we got stuck at the magnificence of steam and oil whilst the rest of the world got electrified. We need to wake up and more so, wake up our politicians! One last question - where did all the money earned from North Sea oil go? I think I know but over to you readers.

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Come back Boris......

Just to mention our prime minister (the best one we've had for some time!) is now also suffering the effects of the Covid virus. Let's hope, nay pray, that he will pull through! It would be terrible to have to go through all that electioneering, backbiting, arguments, telling lies and more, all over again. So Boris, get better soon, I'll keep my fingers crossed. At least you are in the right place, the hospital in London in which you are now is one of the best. And as an aside we have to be thankful for the people of the NHS, talk about putting your life on the line? It should be applauded. But humanity has a short memory span, when this is all over who will remember the unstinting service of the nurses and doctors? Well, for one I will! It is through them I am still here and not in a shallow grave or wafting about like a spirit. Look at what they do now - going to work knowing how their day may end. Soooooooo, here is a big hand from me.

PS I used an image from, I think it's royalty free. 

Monday, 30 March 2020

Be a bit more realistic....

Reading the few daily newspapers I can still get in the local garage it strikes me as odd as to how many reports are doom-laden. Death and destruction all around? Footballers crashing their multi-thousand pound cars after partying with half the nation or so it seems. The papers have a field day! However, I noted one article which struck me as very forward and shall we say, thought provoking?
Trevor Kavanagh in the Sun newspaper stated some home truths! Now the Sun is not a newspaper where one can usually read good national comment, in the main it is a bit of a glorious gossip paper. But sometimes it hits the mark, and so it is today. Trevor rightly asks – where is this Covid-19 hysteria getting us? People don’t talk about how many die of the ordinary flu? As he said during the 2018 Beast of the East winter some 50,000 died! So far and of course it is sad, just over 1,200 have succumbed to the Coronavirus in this country. Yet did we shut down the country in 2018? How many will now lose their livelihoods? How many businesses will shut? I am all for a re-alignment of world economies. We should indeed have a good look at how we want to live but setting up a national debt which will take four generations or more to pay off is possibly not the way!
I think the government when recovered (!) must have a hard look at the way this has been handled by all. We will have to get away from scaremongering, also those done by high officials.
Simply because we cannot get away from diseases and never will! Surely we are not going to lock-down everything every time a bug slips on the list? We are not immune, we are just an animal like all the others. Some of us will die, some of us will live a long life. Yes, through medical interventions and I am one of the recipients (prostate cancer) we may live longer than nature intended. Great but it also means some of us will succumb to degenerative illnesses and diseases.
So, have faith, have a faith, at least that way we might understand the spiritual dimension to all of it, better than we do now.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

The reality is quite simply...

At this time in our collective lives on the planet, stressful though it is, we need to put our thinking caps on. First of all the situation with diseases is relatively simple, they have always plagued humanity. And not just us either. If you think about how life has evolved, how it appears today you will see very quickly that literally everything depends on something or somebody else. To put it bluntly, as food. Obviously that also means defence mechanisms have evolved as well. If a body is attacked then if the defences are strong the attacking entity will get rebuffed or killed. If the defence is lacking or weak, the victim may succumb and may die. That is the simple rule of life. I suppose it is scant satisfaction knowing that you are food but thinking like that at least will make you see the reality a bit clearer.
So, what about this corona virus then – is it unusual? No, it is not. Somewhere along the line of life we have picked up an organism that usually lives on or from something else rather than humans. But as there are now so many humans, nearly 8 billion and all living pretty close together and on top of that travel all over the place, this organism managed to jump to another source which has given it the means for explosive procreation. At least one of us is happy.
One of the problems we face is that the ‘enemy’ is rather minute, we cannot see it. But we still need to understand how the ‘enemy’ behaves and we have to reduce its ability to wage ‘war’.
Furthermore we also have to reduce our own weaknesses, develop the armoury, reduce our rat-like propensity to use everything regardless of the consequences. Unlike rats we do know about consequences. To stave of future attacks from the virus or indeed any virus or bacterium we have to reduce the attack front. That will not be easy, in fact very very difficult. But we have a choice – do we want to live or die? It is a war out there baby!

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Resistance...or no resistance that's another question...

This is the time when you will be able to see how people can react to external stimuli. There is a disease around, yes in Wales too, that unto now has not been known As a result humans have no resistance. If you are in a good condition you might be lucky to roll over it but if you have underlying medical conditions or are older your resistance will be diminished. Those are the facts. But what I thought last week might happen after all the TV reports about dead and dying has now happened, panic buying of strange things we normally do not buy in quantity, toilet rolls! Followed on by almost anything that can last more than a few weeks. There are people bragging on social media who have hamstered supplies that probably will rot away before they can eat it all. Next we can see people in quantity this Sunday with very nice weather at the seaside walking the promenade in their thousands! Which of them did not understand the words, rampant disease, danger of death? Just look at what it does in Italy.
Treating it as a holiday? You gotta be joking! But that is what they do, it is nice weather innit? Let’s go to the seaside. I despair for those who do their best in the hospitals, the doctors and nurses working their socks off and here are the total idiots who think it is all a bit of a laugh.
I have said it before, us humans are a dead loss to this planet. Self-centered, greedy to boot.
Well, gear yourselves up idiots, it’ll come for them just the same, if not now, it will next time.

ed 25/3/2020
Well it is rather interesting - since the government set out the various rules and regulations in order to combat the virus outbreak it has become quite apparent that a heck of a lot of people just simply ignore the advice. The main road through the Ely valley is as busy as ever. There was some talk about staying home if not absolutely necessary to go out to get some food or medical supplies but there it is. That's the UK today. 
Although it has to be said that when push comes to shove(!) thousands come forward to help our NHS. The NHS is coping pretty well with this population of ours and yes it needs all the help it can get.

Friday, 20 March 2020

Acting responsibly?

The papers are full of ‘Community spirit’, ‘Look after the elderly and so on’. Great, it is good to read but what is the reality in the UK? The supermarkets had set a time for elderly and the more vulnerable to shop for an hour, for instance Tesco has set aside Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9-10 am. I applaud the reasoning behind this. Full marks to the supermarket managers. Unfortunately they did forget one thing – the attitude of a good percentage of our wonderful British public. Don’t hoard, don’t panic buy, apparently are switches in our collective brains to do just that – panic buy and hoard as much as you can get away with. Special hours for the vulnerable? To hell with that, as you can see on some of the photos in the papers. Queues start forming way before opening times, snaking around corners for hundreds of yards. People are pathetic to the extreme. What worries me is that this will happen again and again, viruses will continue to crop up. It is the way nature responds to our human infringements and treatments of it. This is not unknown, it is not something we did not foresee, the scientists and doctors have said for a long time the way we go about living there will be a price to pay. And now we are beginning to pay it. If we keep treating animals, all animals, in fact all living things as food we will inevitably run into the same diseases they have. Apparently according to research, proper research, holding bats for food (in China) gave us Covid-19. Part of the rhino family of viruses that give us the colds, flu and other respiratory illnesses. Obviously other animals suffer colds and flu as well. It is no good humans thinking we are the masters, no we’re not, far from it. We are just as dependent on nature as every other living thing. So let’s start acting accordingly.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Just another disease...

If you did not know how powerful media is then just look at the coronavirus situation. It is the news channels and the type of reporting that has resulted in an absolute storm on the shopfloors of the supermarkets. Despite the suggestions that over-70’s stay at home, Tesco in my part of South Wales was literally brimming with ‘oldies’. They were ‘fighting’ over toilet rolls, paracetamol and anything that could be kept for longer than a week. Rather interesting to see, the social scientists will have a field day to figure all that behaviour out, the how’s and the why’s. But the BBC has to share the blame, yes I know it is news but this way reporting in every sentence how many people had caught the virus and following that up with how many had died. Next we will have names and family history included. And then we have the Twitterati – you know them in common life as idiots or ultra liberal lefties– spouting all sorts of fancy reasons what this virus is about. I feel sorry for the Ruskies and Chinese, of course we have to put the blame somewhere don’t we? Putin is the guilty one or is it that laboratory in Wuhan may be? Or did some idiot in South Wales manufacture this virus in his garden shed? People, come on, get real, this virus or its brothers have been around for a long time!
It is related to the common cold virus, which also has the flu virus as its cousin. Every year there are more, the viruses simply mutate. So, let’s get it straight, this will happen again, we will have to grow resistance which might incur getting it and surviving it. Indeed as with all diseases, the weak and old and sometimes the young too, might succumb. Therefore it would be good to develop some vaccine. So, let’s talk less about the negative aspects and let’s hear more of the positive, BBC!

You might think to yourself ‘Yep, another disease, how many more will there be?’. Good question and I don’t know the answer either besides saying ‘Loads more’. You should look at how viruses and bacteria get to us and why. Most likely it is our lifestyle, the density of the population in any particular area, the things we consume (bats and slugs are nice at this time of the year). The battle of life, who consumes who, has been going on since life developed on the planet. Driven by the amount of food available or NOT available. So, it is a normal thing, we might not like it but it is what it is. We are food as much as other living things are.