Sunday, 5 December 2021

To be or not to be travelling...

With the renewed travel restrictions now going to be imposed the travel industry is complaining that it faces extinction! As its leaders stated, this is a hammerblow. Well, frankly what did they expect? You could argue that the government is letting all industry including the travel industry sort out its own problems. The government has always done this in this country. The coal industry in Wales and some other places was virtually closed down overnight without any thought of the consequences. Thousands of miners and support staff were just abandoned. Wales is still suffering the aftermath, problems with health, housing, infrastructure. I am afraid that the travel industry will also have to face a similar fate. Particularly in view of the damage aeroplanes make to the climate. Emissions of CO2 and other gases have to be eliminated. The problem of course is the same as happened in Wales. There will be thousands unemployed. There will be some help in that unemployment benefits are available but in the end everyone will have to find their own way. Various UK governments have been particularly bad at making decisions without effective research in possible aftermath scenarios. I suppose not just in the UK, it seems a worldwide problem with political decision making. In the past I have called this type of government ‘Stop-gap government’. You stop a gap, a problem solved. Great but because of that other gaps open up etc etc. The Thatcher era was particularly good at that.

Well, let’s hope that the government is not just using this way to curtail the travel industry and stop people flying but I am afraid inertia is rife in the hallowed halls of Westminster so don’t hold your breath just yet!

Saturday, 4 December 2021

Hard lessons to learn?

You have to laugh at loud when you hear the TV news and read the editorials of the newspapers. I often think ‘What do people really expect?’ There is Putin parading all over the front pages among fears that he is going to invade the Ukraine. Friends, he might do that if we are going to behave as we did before WW2. Appeasement DOES NOT WORK. When will we here start to understand that? Appeasement will only embolden the adversary more. Of course the problems will not go away either but the advice is simple, just be aware and ensure your defences are up to scratch.

The frank truth about humans is also pretty simple, we are just animals but dangerous ones at that. Despite the very woke liberal elite who would have us think that everything is rosy if only we would stop swearing and have LBGT+ street parties. Basically on the whole we are quite efficient killers. 

I get my morning papers from a local Spar outlet and at around 7am the workers, drivers and similar are tanking up. It is incredible how basic most people are, obviously very little education and the language used seems one that the Atlanteans spoke. It makes me wonder how in all honesty we got where we are today. Because the greater number just don’t care a jot. Instead of worrying about whether we should be called non-binary or whatever, we ought to bother more about how we bring up the family. Celebrate the differences but also the equality of being human. Remembering we are not the only entity that matters on this planet. Where I live, in a small backyard town in the Rhondda Valley people throw more rubbish on the street than anywhere else. Plastics like cellophane from cigarette packs just waiting to be flushed into the river next to the road. Thrown by young people who protest about plastic in the seas and global warming. They might as well go home to bed and stay there. Dreaming about the next statue they want to topple into the harbour. Well, unless we all get a hard lesson, and maybe Covid is a lesson, things will not change. It will change when people start dying in huge numbers. Let’s hope we will learn our lessons quick!

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Chickens coming home to roost? Well, maybe...

Are the chickens coming home to roost? It seems so, the legal case now performing concerning the question of whether Ms Maxwell procured underage girls for lovely days out on a sandy beach 2,000 miles away has undertones of our own Prince Andrew being allegedly involved. It remains to be seen whether he will get deeper into the mire. But as I said before and of course our legal system says the same, you are not guilty until proven. So, at present there is just a heck of a lot of circumstantial evidence, photographs of the Prince,oh sorry he said it wasn't him, in which case he has a very good double; and also evidence now given in Ms Maxwell's trial pertaining to him. 

It is quite the sordid case and shows in a big way the lifestyles and behaviour of the rich and powerful, both here and in the US. I don't know what you think, dear reader but it is about time that this swamp is drained. The carbuncle squeezed. There is no need to look up to these kind of people, they are depraved, deprived of any moral stand. They seem to enjoy molesting young girls and boys for their own enjoyment thinking they can get away with it because they're rich and are powerful. 

I don't want to take up a I am holier than thou stance but surely if we allow the rich and powerful to satisfy their depraved desires then we are halfway to destruction of our already fragile society. A society a lot of books have warned about. So, let's drain that swamp, indeed let's go after all of those 'friends' that 'enjoyed' Epstein's hospitality and throw the book at them. No matter how high and how powerful they were or are.

Monday, 29 November 2021

Channel 4 a woke channel? Eh, hmmm....

Hahaha, just wondering what TV execs were thinking when developing programmes like SAS - Who Dares wins. Channel 4 executives obviously without thinking, went for a real SAS guy called Ant. Well, obvious innit? SAS is the SAS, it ain’t for the sissies. These chaps do not mince words, swear a bit and like the look of ladies in their underwear. I have to say I do remember my own time in the army. Not SAS but a lowly infantry boy mostly getting the sand out of my eyes and ears, swearing as I did so. Yes, that is the way it was and probably still is despite the top brass trying to make women into men and turning men into women. Woke? Nooh, really?

Today’s kids haven’t much of a clue what life is all about. They wake up thinking about how to topple the next statue of a misogynist or war hero like Admiral Nelson because he allegedly tried to kiss a subordinate or two? Who cares? The once Bristol politician who was involved with slavery paid the price, his statue is down the harbour. I hope someone pulled it and displayed it proudly somewhere else

Get a life people, these things happened a long time ago, a time in which many unpalatable things occurred. So, to put things into perspective, Ant Middleton did a great job. You might shiver a bit but to get the best out of people you have to bellow, you have to pressurise, you have to be obnoxious. To get an American into Ant’s place is idiotic. The only thing American soldiers do is coming out all gun’s blazing whilst dancing the rumba and eating a banana. If you want to do SAS get a SAS guy and forget all about American stuff. If you want to show how to become a hard nutter, do NOT get woke celebrities to train up. End of rant for ANT.

Sunday, 28 November 2021

A more natural way....

From time to time I tend to stop worrying about all the politics, the French, Covid Omicron and watch a nature programme on the TV. Most are just about how to tend your roses and keep the place looking tidy. Whatever you think ‘tidy’ to mean. I suppose cutting the grass to an evergreen sward exactly 3 centimetres high and don’t forget the sharp edging looking like a freshly cut moustache. Plus of course all the bushes sprayed with enough poison to kill the neighbours’ cats. Besides we don’t want all these insects do we? 

YES, we do! The programme I watched this morning reiterated what I have been thinking for a long time. The guy, Colin Stafford-Johnson, an ex-camera man making films all across the world is now back in his native Ireland on a small plot his mother gave him. Now semi-retired he has decided to transform his patch into a natural state. Wildflower meadows, two ponds, all native species. No foreign imports because as he said so succinctly, imported flowers, seeds, trees and so on, have also brought new diseases that killed off many native species. 

Remember Dutch Elm disease? He has introduced only native seeds and plants, and uprooted stuff that should not be there like a laurel. Laurel is not native here and I too think we should destroy them all, along with Japanese knot-weed. He showed a way to make gardens in the UK and Ireland be more insect friendly. Not to worry much about honeybees but more the wild bees. Mason bees and bumblebees. These are endangered. With the right plants, the right insects come and then the birds. Also it does not take a lot of thought to figure out the food chain. Building a proper hedge will bring in the field mice, voles and so on, followed by the owls of course. I didn’t know that the red squirrel will follow pine martens. I thought it was the other way round. Red squirrels have adapted to pine martens, grey squirrels haven’t. Grey squirrels also are aliens and don’t really belong here. Colin has shown a very interesting side to nature. Most of us do not really care or think about it and we seem to forget we also are part of nature. But as he indicated we should stop interfering with it and work alongside.

Saturday, 27 November 2021

Black holes and the end of it all...

At certain times we are looking at the TV screen and watch one of the brightest stars in our universe, aka Prof Brian Cox. Presently showing his newest programme ‘Universe’. A very glitzy, raucous, thundery compilation of poetry spoken by the Prof whilst trying to explain the intricacies of a black hole. No, nothing to do with our bodily function, we are in the depths of our galaxy, in fact at the centre and looking at what he calls Sagittarius A*. A black hole of gigantic proportions. The one thing I would ask, why in all blazes is there music trying to drown his words? His poetry must be heard. Well ok, it isn’t brilliant but we all can do with a laugh in these difficult Covid times. Prof Brian was talking about the black hole and the discovery by Stephen Hawking that black is not black. In fact black holes radiate matter or energy, and will evaporate. 

One would have thought it be the end and bye-bye. No, Prof Brian showed in devastating colour the last explosion of the dying hole. As my own was twitching by now, I wanted to know why he kept mixing up the terms black hole and universe. To be fair a black hole, as far as I know, is a part of the galaxy which in itself is part of a cluster and on and on right to the universe itself. But it set me on an idea that I found rather interesting. 

Yes, black holes attract whatever they can. Matter that comes too close and supposedly this would mean that a whole galaxy could become a black hole. This black hole over trillions of years would meet others and in the end there would be just one black hole slowly radiating away. But as Prof Brian said that’s not the end. Remember that black hole in the centre of the galaxy in dying ended in a burst of energy? It would be the same for our universal black hole. Yes! Let’s call that another Big Bang. It seems that the hypothesis of the ‘Oscillating Universe’ could well be true! Right, now we know. Recall all scientists and get them to repair all the black holes in our roads. These unfortunately will not evaporate away, although our Councils do think they will. The problem is universal, all black holes will coalesce and we now know thanks to the Prof that they will explode in the end. Yep, it is a universal law. Hopefully humanity will not be in the vicinity when that happens. But don't hold your breath!

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Peppa Pig for Prime Minister? Yeah, why not....

I have decided to stay with this font, it seems nice and easy to read. So, ditching the Arial and going for Trebuchet!

Just listening or watching or even reading the various news reports you would be thinking this country’s leaders have lost the plot. In fact I think you might well be right. First of all the PM Boris seems to like Peppa Pig – for those who are not familiar with that name, it is a children’s cartoon character and will now probably show a full head of wild straggly hair. You could not make it up. But at least there are people who said he worked far too much for a single person in a day. Well, welcome to the 24-7 days Boris, thanks to your compatriots over the years we are all chasing our tails! When I get up I cannot remember what day it is until I look on the calendar. It does seem though that the government we have, talk a good story but it stays at that. 

For years we have known that immigration is a problem. Not that it has anything to do with skin colour but everything to do with support. Meaning if 1,000 come over in a boat or the other, somehow we will have to feed, clothe, look for housing. And when the annual total exceeds 20,000 then anyone can see we are having a problem. Because they just will keep coming. It is easy to see why they are so determined. Compared to European nations we are simply too soft. We do not question anything because if we do, lawyers will beat down our front doors. And so the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, bless her heart, keeps saying and coming up with great ideas but it just stays at that. We even help immigrants to land. Now from a humanitarian point of view I would agree but it does not solve the problem. The only way it is going to be solved is when we literally stop the boats and turn them back. Even tow them back to French waters. Or the French will allow our military to patrol their beaches which I cannot see happening in a million years. Besides all of that we will have to beef up our laws about asylum. If asylum fails, sorry back to Europe. It is sad that despite the French and the EU generally, constantly commenting about our problem, the French in particular ought to regain control of their own borders. The EU is criminally negligent. Get it right Macron and quick before we will have to do it ourselves! Or perhaps Peppa Pig will do it for us.