Friday, 14 May 2021

Hello, new non-binary world!

HaHaHHaHa, OMG, what next in this woke country? I love it, it is better than one of those great episodes in ‘It aint Half Hot Mum’! Do you understand what I’m saying ‘Lovely boy’?

Imagine now Windsor Davies (The sergeant) saying to one of the soldiers ‘Hey you, non-binary git, stand up you, twinkle toes’. Plus the media storm following that. Yes, I am so happy to be a gender recognisable person, well at least I recognised myself when I took my pants off and thought ‘What the ‘ell is that then?’ But recognition dawned and I remembered.

Am I sorry to have been born a man? Like ‘ell I am. Of course I now need my passport altered because the new non-EU ones will have a whole page in it that will show all the possible gender possibles. We will have Male, Non-male, Possibly Male, I thought I was male but not sure, Female, Non-Female, Possibly Female, Binary, Non-Binary, Possibly Binary, amongst many others. I think we should have separate entry points in stations, in trains, trams and buses and different coloured taxis in Wokestan (previously known as London).

All non-binary citizens will be able to apply for double benefits because the government cannot or will not decide either way. But I would advise all such citizens beware the taxman! Oh sorry, it could be taxwoman, taxnon-binary, taxbinary, taxpossiblebinary, taxIdon’tknoworwhatIam. Welcome to our brave new woke world!

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Hearing the drum of incredulity, again...

This country has absolutely lost its credibility. Just watching Countryfile (a TV ecological/farming programme) talking to some people who are planning spaceports. Not just one, no siree, quite a few, Cornwall, Scotland, even in the National Park of Snowdonia. Let me just say this, all talk about reaching for the stars is baloney. It is just not possible. I have heard otherwise sane people talking about, ‘Ah yes, not possible today, but tomorrow anything is possible’. 

The question that needs asking is - why bother? What benefit is this going to have? The nearest star is over 4 light years away. I am not going to bore you explaining that beside telling you, if you left today with your wife, your descendants 200 years hence might see Alpha Centauri. You also might find out they will not discover habitable planets. Because they are dead from cosmic radiation. Humanity might reach and colonise Mars but we cannot really live there unless shielded behind miles of rock. In the meantime we will be poisoning our atmosphere with more and more CO2, each rocket can put 100,000 tons of the gas in to the air. Not just the rocket itself but all the production, material preparation, everything you now can see on Cape Canaveral. The groundwork and all the associated rubbish that is needed to get a few tons in the air. People also forget watching television the way we do today has already put thousands of tonnes of CO2 in the air to put up all these satellites! Not just that, adding to the tonnes of discarded metal in space now surrounding the planet.

It should be pretty obvious by now that space is not the answer. At least not until we have sorted out our proclivity to produce billions of tonnes of CO2 and plastic refuse. Let’s drop these planning applications now! We do not need spaceports in Cornwall or Scotland and certainly not in Snowdonia!

Saturday, 8 May 2021

Hurray for Wokestan, they just lost the plot, eh I meant election...

Aren’t elections exciting? You never will really know beforehand what is going to happen. Who would have thought that Labour was going to be dumped, and in such an easy manner. We are not talking London of course. London actually is not part of the UK, it is a total anachronism. The wokest of the woke! In other words London is a country all by itself, called Wokestan. Wokestanners have a different brain. That brain does not recognise there are other people in the world, or even other countries. For a Wokestaner everything outside the M.25 circular is like the planet Mars to everybody else. So, London is probably the only region now that votes Labour. It just shows the mindset of a Londoner. There was some talk about re-organising the Civil Service but I think like a lot of other things, good talk, bad action! Nevertheless things have not ended just yet, the main government has a few years to run. So, we will wait with abated breath! In the meantime the Conservatives have had a very good election. Labour did not. Plaid Cymru, my party in good ol' Wales was abysmal. So, what went so wrong? Well, just about everything. Looking at the election leaflets, Plaid was not much different from everyone else. Covid had an input of course, Welsh Labour had done reasonably well in that. But it was on the back of decisions made in Westminster! The idea of independence did not make a resounding argument and I think it needs rethinking. 

In Wales Labour is still enjoying that 30’s feeling of hard working miners who had to be defended at all costs against the dastard English companies who were sucking the people dry. Labour then was the champion of the people. The South Walians still have that feeling that Labour is the party that helps them. Of course, it is nothing of the sort! But South Walians are obstinate people, great and loyal. That is why Labour still holds the chair in Wales coupled with what a lot of people have -  the 'My father voted Labour, so I do as well' syndrome. 

Generally speaking Labour nationally today is no more than a party led by woke lefties who have had a university degree in home-economics or better still, performing arts. Most of whom live in Wokestan (London for the uninitiated). Labour have lost the respect of those self-same hard working people who do not know whether they can afford this month’s rent or whether their job will still be theirs. Labour was and is more interested in trivia in the belief that a dockworker from Hartlepool or anywhere else is totally interested in whether the PM has the right curtains for his flat. They just mutter ‘What the f...?

Indeed, who cares! I have indicated before there is something wrong with politicians in this country, media-obsessed, apologising for everything under the sun that smells of colour. Gender and colour based politics do not work unless you are living in Wokestan. Hard working men and women just have not got time for that. The obsession to get, no must have, 50% all female political parties, government departments, and just about everywhere and everything else is wrong. What about capability? What about the best person for the job? If it is a female who is best for a particular position then chose her. If not, look again. Just stop with this equalisation of everything. I am a HE not an IT! ITs live in Wokestan and by Jove, leave them there and chain them to the floor of their atmospherically enhanced, pink curtained air-conditioned flats. But don't forget to feed them now and again.

 I thank you!

Monday, 3 May 2021

Annibyniaeth neu Deyrnas Unedig? Dim ateb eto....

Dyn ni wedi bod siarad am annibyniaeth yn Gymru am beth amser. Yn y lle cyntaf ro’n i ddim yn si┼Ár achos ble mae’r arian, eh? Does dim unrhyw ddiwydiannau mawr gyda’n ni. Heblaw yn Porth Talbot yn y de. Gwneuthurwyr dur wrth gwrs. Mae llawer o swyddfaoedd yng Nghaerdydd wrth gwrs, ond a fydd hyn yn ddigon i dalu Llundain am gynnal yr amddiffyniad? A felly, o ble fyddwn ni’n cael trethi i dalu’r gwleidyddion? Mae Plaid Cymru yn dweud y gallwn fforddio bod yn annibynnol nawr. Ond wn i ddim. Cwestiwn doniol a beth am breindal, y Frenhines, tywysogion a thywysogesau ac hefyd llysoedd brenhinol! Eto beth allwn ni ei allforio nawr yn enwedig i’r Undeb Ewropeaidd? Dim ond cig oen? Efallai cig eidon neu porc?

Yn amlwg bydd twristiaid yn bwysig nawr ac yn y dyfodol. Ond a ydd yn ddigon? Cwestiwn dda!

Felly, does dim cwestiwn am all Cymru oroesi annibyniaeth ond y cwestiwn am pam nawr. Rydym adeiladu llawer o dai ar hyn o bryd. Ond nid oes angen ac mae cymaint o bobl o Loegr bellach yn symud i Gymru. Hefyd oherwydd bod y tai yn rhatach iawn! Nawr mae pobl iau lleol yn cael eu prisio allan o brynu eu cartref eu hunain. Os byddwn ni pleidleisio Plaid Cymru fe fyddwn cymorth yr etholiad ‘ma ac atal bobl cymryd mantais o Gymru!

Baloney because of Blarney?

Has anyone ever wondered why political parties need so many people at times to deliver leaflets, knock doors, canvass? Perhaps we as voters need to be persuaded to vote? One might wonder why that is so? Could it be disillusionment? One might wonder but I think it is the general feeling that it is all a waste of time and money. Things do not get better, politicians do not stand up for anyone despite boldly acclaiming they do. Has anyone got the feeling that we are ‘Moving forward’? Well, Welsh Labour does! But I’m thinking at best we are pretty stationary! You have to forgive me people but when a political party that has been in power here for over twenty years is claiming that they will generate a ‘greener’ country I have to ask where have they been these last twenty years? Asleep? Never heard of global warming? Melting icecaps? This can be blamed on all political parties, except the Greens perhaps. Looking at all the party leaflets that came through my front-door you would think that we actually live in Utopia already. Read this: ‘There is so much to be optimistic about in Wales’. Yes, but speak to the people of the Rhondda where industry has disappeared like snow before a summer sun. Where hundreds have died of a disease that should never have happened. Where thousands have lost their jobs because of political dithering. Anyone else feeling optimistic? Political talk is just fancy pants. You might not know this but all aspiring politicians have to do a trip first, a trip to Ireland, to Blarney Castle where they are taught to kiss the Blarney stone. They will be held by the ankles and lowered head first over the battlements. The prize is a real one as once kissed the stone bestows the gift of eloquence. Indeed, but they forget to tell you what type of eloquence! From then on, all politicians good or bad, are eloquent in baloney from Blarney. It might have been better if those who hold them by the ankles had a sneezing fit. Sorry, I did not say this! You might have guessed it already - I have been to Blarney Castle AND kissed the stone! Fortunately though I am not a politician and the person who held me was (and still is) my wife! AND she did not have a sneezing fit!

Edit - Baloney is an English slang word for rubbish, rubbish talk. The Oxford Dictionary says - foolish talk, nonsense. Spot on, baby!

Saturday, 1 May 2021

Is the UK prosecution mad? Hmmmm....

 I often wonder about the British relish for court cases where they 'try' soldiers who have killed civilians or other unknown characters. In Iraq, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and others, perhaps the Falklands too. I am waiting for court cases where British soldiers will be tried for killing Argentinian soldiers. What is the matter with this woke country? Look, it is relatively simple, we have soldiers that defend the interests of this nation. That may happen locally or internationally.

This will be done on the instigation of those well-known half-wits called politicians. Things happen in battles that ordinarily would not happen. We must get away from the idea that you can win a war by waving a small flag saying 'Sweets for free here'. I am not a pacifist, I have been in the army. Not the UK but on the continent. It is not really a world of or for pansies. But I am not a warmonger either. I would prefer peace but a proper peace not the usual shambolic package that today's politicians seem to prefer. Again, soldiers do the work set for them by politicians, if you want to prosecute anyone then prosecute them. It is an absolute disgrace that we prosecute military personnel who defended the will of the majority in Northern Ireland and who killed intentionally or accidentally, civilians. Intentionally because those individuals were engaged in insurrections or accidentally because they simply came in the firing line. Besides, those persons even children, could be killed or injured by either party. 

We need to dismantle this judicial process that allows unscrupulous fee-chasing lawyers a free ride. Human greed will always win out. Let's stop, ditch that system immediately, not tomorrow but today!

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Cummingsgate is here...hurrah!

We go a bit further on the Cummings saga as in my previous post I said it would go for weeks. And here we go, it might be the end of bubbly Boris. Remember Watergate? No? The saga of Nixon and lies galore. All to do with the ‘I didn’t say that’ and ‘No, I didn’t do it’. It is funny that politicians feel the need for transparency (a keyword nowadays) whilst at the same time trying to hide their own wrongs. But now we have Cummingsgate. Cummings a man we had never heard of suddenly come to the fore because he had the ear of Boris. The Lord knows why Boris felt the need to have people like Cummings as an aide, you would have thought that Boris himself had a good pulse on the nation. Well, so be it but he now has to pay the price. There no such thing as a grateful person who has been sacked. On top of it, Cummings was and probably still is, someone who thinks rules are for others. In other words, he is always right, you are wrong. Boris did the right thing, he simply had to let him go. However by doing that Boris should have known what was likely to come. So, mistake number two. You might ask if it was Carrie (PM’s consort) who made the moves, that was mistake number three. A PM just should not make such errors of judgement and if he was advised then I think it might be time to have a look at the clique surrounding number 10!

I might add, what in all honesty are we arguing about? A bit of re-decoration? People please get real! Even so at this stage I might implore Boris to say now how he paid for it and whether anyone else provided the money and get it over and done with. Silence Cummings, make him ambassador to North Korea. Give him two gongs and a Sekonda watch before going and warn him that Kim might want to eat him. Good riddance!