Saturday, 10 April 2021

Is woke being awake? Probably not...

Before I write anything else, I am sad to say the UK has lost one of the greatest persons that have walked on our sacred soil for some time! His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, Consort to the Queen (and husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather) has gone to the high abodes. This is not strange as he was 99 years old but it needs to be said he was a great example of what married life should be. Serving his liege and nation to the very end with unswerving loyality. I take my hat off, well done great and faithful servant. 

Some Lib-Dem party members are aghast at the bile being spouted about what I term liberal leftie wokism. They do not like it up ‘m, as they say. How do I know? I used to be a party member but left aghast at the ideas they promoted. The problem is this, Liberals do not see the real issues. They look at the human race through rose-tinted spectacles. I have no problem with thinking great things, in my dreams I too see Utopia except I know that the human animal is indeed just an animal. Some two-thousand years ago a guy walked around called Yeshua although around here better known as Jesus, saying that love is all that matters. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Be truthful. I do not term that liberalism but common sense. Again though the problem is the same, people generally are just not like that or behave like that. The whole financial/economic systems are based on the human habit of greed, on the ‘I am better than you’, and ‘I deserve more’ platforms. These are actually natural inborn traits. Nature is based on the strongest will survive. But – and there is always a but – as we have a brain that can think in abstracts, it can think ahead (i.e a future so that it can calculate possible outcomes of actions) it would be good to develop society in such a way that we fit in with nature and do not make nature fit in with humanity. Because that is a recipe for disaster, as we already see with Covid-19.

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Politicians rule (or do they?) - Ask Boris....don't ask Keir

Now all know my aversion to politicians. It is funny really because I usually like the person they are in normal life. But as soon as they put on the mantle of politics, and become the ‘official’ saviour of mankind, I detest that persona. I know quite a few politicians and indeed when they are away from the ‘Office’ so to say, they are great people. But in the ‘Office’ they are idiots. Blabbering on about how they would safe us from criminals, they would deport them immediately. Sexual depravity would be punished by life sentences. Just listen you silly little people, we, politicians, know best! Unfortunately the reality shows up differently.

People cannot be reported because fee chasing lawyers put up innumerable appeals. Sex offenders walk the streets, even in the locality where they committed these offences. Think of Rochdale! Life sentences usually mean you are let off within ten years or even less for ‘good’ behaviour. All these ‘rules’, are measures made by politicians. I have to be honest because there are some good politicians. As I said before in other posts, one word, one noun does not always mean all individuals that bear the name. Although we might start thinking whether the ‘bad’uns are holding sway, drowning out the ‘good’uns! I think one of the problems politicians suffer is the belief that people that shout loud should be listened to. That their ideas are ideas held by everyone. The fact that those who shout loudest are usually a tiny minority escapes these selfsame politicians. As an outcome laws are made that seemingly ‘favour’ minorities. Take the Human Rights Act(s), an interesting concoction of melodramatic political views that are devoid of any real meaning as far as humans are concerned. The one thing seen is criminals benefitting. For me, man in the street, it has no meaning at all. Consistently those who suffer criminal acts are completely disregarded, like they have no rights at all. The universal rule of equality does not govern planet Earth. Ms Priti, one of the ‘good’uns has a fight on her hands, well let’s see how long she will be a politician! The liberal leftie London concoction might be a drink laced with arsenic!

Friday, 2 April 2021

Is it a funny world or what?

The media, newspapers, TV Reports, scientific journals are all full of talk about the state of the planet. Global warming, plastic in the environment, cars and planes belching out lovely gases we all enjoy. It is undeniably true that human activity is the cause. But most of us, man and woman in the street haven’t a clue what is going on. Besides, possibly don’t even care. This was pretty visible in some newspapers about the rubbish left behind, plastics, left-over foodstuffs, even faeces (sh*t in the vernacular). Well, if you have to go, you have to go, don’t you. It has become a pastime now, go to an illegal rave and have a sh*t. Lovely. Something to talk about with friends. And it is not just here either. My friends from abroad whom I correspond with via Signal, yes Whatsapp is a goner now, part of Facebook, ask me what is the matter with the mindset of British youth nowadays? I replied, protesting on the streets about so-called racism, facts of which they have no idea about whatsoever, quoting Britain’s past and telling everyone Churchill was one of ‘m. Mind you, the world is full of idiots. The UK seems to have a fair few of ‘m here too. It might be something to do with a virus. Not sure which one though. But it attacks the brain. It gives you delusions of grandeur, look at Merkel and Macron. But there again, everyone knows my ideas about the standard and quality of today’s politicians. You have to forgive Macron, he’s just a Frenchman, croaking his way around. Poor Mutti Merkel is already on the way out, had her AstraZeneca shot and telling everyone else it won’t work for the over 65’s. Well yes, that’ll help the stockpiles. Did I tell you before we’re living in a funny world? Not sure now anymore if the planet still revolves around the sun. It could be a mirage.

Ed. Mutti might have had another vaccine, she has been reported for almost anything about the virus problem besieging Germany and Europe as a whole. She was mentioned to want Sputnik V (guess where that comes from). You might want to reflect on the reasons why politicians say these things. It is basically simple, Take it or Leave it, then Shut-up.

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Has Doomsday arrived yet?

Sometimes the BBC4 channel broadcasts very good programs. One of these was on Sunday 28th March 2021. Headed by Chris Packham it was about the enormous human population explosion experienced within the last hundred years. In 1960 there were just over 2 billion people on the planet, today just 60 years on there are 7.7 billion! I too have said in previous posts that this number is unsustainable, let alone the number expected to be around in 2050 – 10 billion+! One of the most populated cities in South America, indeed in the world is Sao Paulo – 22 million. The problems already well documented, but there is the water supply. What comes out of the tap you cannot drink. The reservoirs have dried up and the only water that can be found has to be obtained from drilled wells. Chris made a visit to a farm growing soya beans. The owner farmer displayed the usual attitude – there is a market for my produce, it’s growing, I need more land. Chris spoke to a number of people, all were worried about the future. You might now say, OK if you are so worried what are you going to do, what are you prepared to do to fight this? Will you eat less meat? No, was the answer. Will you consume less? Well, you only have to see the consumer society in the UK which is a fraction of the size of Brazil. The rain forests are disappearing, there is no doubt about that. The rains are also disappearing from where they once fell and are now falling in areas where they did not fall before. The whole eco system is changing. Animal species have halved meaning that their predators, microbes, bacteria, diseases are looking for new hosts. Who are the best victims to find? Those who move all across the world, those who live on top of another in their millions? Yes, us. Humans. We are now experiencing diseases we have not heard of before and there will be more. Chris is still hoping that the tide will turn, for myself I am afraid we are too late. The clock just struck twelve. All we can do now is to limit the destruction as much as possible. In that way we may last till the next century. As long as political idiots won’t start WW3!

Independence? Yes? No?

Living in Wales you will have heard of the word ‘Independence’. As I have originally come from the Netherlands, which is also known as Holland by foreigners (Holland is basically the two western sea side provinces) which also has had years of struggle with the Spanish empire and also the French and German empires, I understand the wish to be independent from an overbearing neighbour. Wales has its own language, its own long history. But the Anglo-Saxons and Normans had other ideas (and still do – remember the Welsh knot!). However, the question really is can Wales afford to be independent? Ever since the English conquest Wales has been used as a backdrop, an area to be profited from by English overlords. When coal was found, English money to dig pits came quickly but all profits went to mostly English grandees. Sure, they build vast houses, castles even, in the Welsh countryside giving employment to some impoverished young Welsh maidens as slaves to the masters. Things do not change much because most big factories in Wales today are English companies or foreign nationals. But the world has moved on and history is something to be learned from. Ever since humans set foot in Europe there have been wars, wars to establish large empires. Tribal wars metamorphosed into country wars and world wars. Today there are two large empires, Russia and the US with possibly the Chinese as a third. The trend though is that these empires are under threat from within. The various peoples they comprise feel marginalised as indeed we here in Wales are as well. The trend therefore is to want to self-govern, initially in a federal style with the defence of the total only being the responsibility of the federal government. But finally to be completely independent. It will not be easy, there will be a lot of bickering about money! Who pays for what. Arguments over responsibility, humans are no different from any other animal. We are all concerned about ourselves first and foremost. Only when we are OK, have what we think we need will we give a thought to others and other things. Perhaps we need to self-evaluate before jumping. But jump we should!

Friday, 26 March 2021

Divorce is fun, or is it?

It’s a funny world, is it not? We are having the one of the worst pandemics in some time with lock-downs, 2 million deaths, businesses going to the wall, whole families disrupted because Daddy is dead and Mummy is out of work or on stand-by. And on the other side we have those calamity organisers also known as politicians, who have been lovely sheltered in their ivory towers. This time not so much the blubbering wasters in the UK but now in Europe. Grandstanding wizards who are looking over their shoulders to see who is guilty of stealing their vaccines! There has not been a better time to see how politicians can mess up almost anything they get their hands on. They always talk a very good talk, the sweetest words, the best of promises but when it gets to action they fail so miserably. Exactly as has been shown in the capitals of Europe. But now instead of gearing up, to spring into action, to get the supply lines sorted out, all they do is more talk, becoming belligerent, it’s not my fault baby, just look across the water to those nasty rats, called Britons, it’s them who are guilty. So, we must do something to stop them injecting their people with OUR vaccine!

Someone said to me sometime ago, Brexit is like a divorce. It can be nasty or it can be civilised. Either way, both lose. He went on to say my neighbours went through a divorce and the husband after his wife said she wanted 50% of everything, cut all the kitchen utensils, furniture, even the fridge and the washing machine in half! Now, I think that’s funny! Even so, the situation in the world needs full cooperation. Squabbling over supplies is not particularly helpful. We need to work out how the WHOLE world will have access, will have the supplies they need to combat this nasty virus. Don’t mess this up people as more will be coming our way in the future. We need professional people who know what has to be done. We do NOT need the Merkel's, Macron's and even the Rutte’s of this world to tell us what to do. Especially not as they haven’t a clue themselves. I just hope they remember to dress up and wash their hands! Although I begin to wonder, maybe they ARE the aliens! Area 51 has been breached, they have escaped! Aliens already rule us!

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

How to engage Brain?

Anyone ever heard this adage? "Before opening mouth, first engage brain"? You might think, ah that’s good for other people I am alright, I am well adjusted and careful about what I say! Yes, indeed and so did our esteemed Prime Minister, the famous battle-scarred Boris.

He is well known to make some gaffes in the spoken word and the latest one reported is about saying off the cuff ‘Greed is what gave Britain the Covid vaccine first’. That’s a nice one Boris. That must have tickled the German EU bear cub Ursula pink! It shows though that politicians who play for high stakes would be well advised to carefully weigh their words. The vaccine situation in Europe is perilous, taking that the EU was pretty slow out of the starting blocks and appeared to have waited to see what the vaccine was doing in the UK and then came out with some ludicrous idea that the vaccine was not working for the over-65’s! Whoever came up with that semi-illiterate remark should be sent to Siberia forthwith. Look at it, if the vaccine works for humans under 50’s, it will work for any age pending health questions like asthma and resistance factors. But generally speaking statistically the vaccine works for humans. So the lovely Boris bless his little heart, should be careful not to inflame anti-British sentiment across the water. The EU is still smarting about losing the Brexit war. But we do still need each other. It needs to be remembered! If we want a world for all to live good lives we need each other. Remember that Boris and you too Ursula!